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Spoiler - Alice and Dave Story - Separation

January 3, Sunday
Woods' Residence

It had been hours Alice waiting for her best - former best friend - or rather 'only friend' to come. Yeah, Dave promised, he would come to her house today after six months no see.

Alice (A): Sheesh! Where's Dave actually! He is late for two hours already! 

Frequently she looked at her watch and her phone, but neither message nor phone call was coming. She paced impatiently in her living room.

Still no call 

One hour later...

Ring ring ring.

Alice's phone was ringing. Alice immediately picked up the phone. The voice, which is no other that Dave, asked her to pick him up at the mini market nearby.

Finally Alice met her-long time no see -friend. Dave was in front of her, putting his innocent face as if he did not realize for coming late for three hours.

Dave (D): Hi 

* What do you mean with "Hi", Dave! You ain't even say sorry!  *

A : I thought you lost your way here 
D : Ah~ *Dave looked at his watch* It's been one o'clock already 

* WHAT?  There isn't a regret expression AT ALL? What an OBLIVIOUS human being!  *

A : Yeah, indeed. How are you doing anyway? You looked bit thinner 

D : Really? That means I successfully equal you 

* How come he's still so peevish even we did not meet for too long?!  *

D : How about you, Al?

A : Yeah, as what you see.

Those two were walking toward Alice's house. There weren't too much conversations happened, maybe they just felt bit too clumsy after no seeing for some time.

Dave sit while Alice was presenting a glass of red syrup. He immediately drank it till run out. Maybe he was too thirsty. 

D : Well, tell me what was going on during the time we did not meet.

A: Ah ~ things go in very usual ways. Nothing special. My life's still flat, I bet you know

D : Ah, what a boring woman 

A : What the heck are you saying?!  

D : Should I repeat once more? You - a - boring - human - being! Your life never goes amazing cause you're way too afraid too face the reality! Always run and run, have no willingness to do something challenging! 

A: W-WHAT?!  Maybe you're right, Dave, but YOU RUDE!  That's really really getting me on my nerve! 

D : Ah~ yeah, I apologize to what I've said before. But, listen Al, I'm really sad looking my best friend that I used to thought she was smart, just living her life this way 

A : You know, Dave? I'm quite depressed already with my current condition  . I beg you please, don't push me down! . If you still stubbornly say those kind of things anymore, I will not hear!

D : You're the one who stubborn!  Well, well, if that's want you one, I understand 

A : Thanks  Can't we change the subject? Why don't you tell about your life?  

D : My life? Ah ~ actually my life's way too awesome compared to you. I have a promising job, kind-hearted girl friend, and so on 

A : You're getting too cocky, Dave...

D : Ah, not to meant to be cocky but yeah - that's the reality 

A : You're successfully making me even worse 

D : How about your love life, Al? Still haven't found a new one? 

A : All you really do just mocking me 

D : Hey, I'm asking.

A: Ah - no one 

D : So, who is your love interest now?

* Silent. Unconsciously, Dave has been one of her precious person in her life. *

A : You.

D : W-w-what? 

A : Ha-ha-ha- kidding. How could I possibly heart you? 

D : 

A : Hey, you expected that I told the truth before? 

D : NO, NOT AT ALL! You'd just be a nuisance if you did!

A : HAH! Don't get me wrong, Dave! I don't heart you, not in a million years! 

D : Ah ~ really? But you look overexcited when I'm coming to see you today 

A : What an annoying guy 

D : Ha-ha-ha. C'mon, Al, what's so hard about telling me that you really miss me? 

A : 

D : 

A : Hey ~ what about you? You miss me too, right? 

D : WHAT?  Not in a million years! 

A : Ah ~ So, why are you coming here?  Thanks, Dave, for worrying me, I'm fine definitely 

D : Sheesh! 

A : 

5.00 pm
Woods' Residence

After a couple of hours talking, Dave realized that the sun almost set. It had been late afternoon indeed. Alice companied Dave to the bus stop. On their way there, they were talking a bit.

D : Ah - Hard to admit, but I'm glad meeting you today 

A : Hey, you have just admitted it finally that you miss me! 

D :  . I'm tired enough to fight you, so - yeah, actually I kinda miss you.

A : OW - Thanks, Dave! It's touching 

D : Ah, whatsoever, Al. By the way, maybe this is the last time we meet...

A : W-what are you trying to say all of sudden? 

D : I'll be busy for the next days and also I have to work abroad. So, yeah -

A : Ah. So it was like that  It's kinda goodbye, huh?

D : Sad to say, but somehow yeah 

A : Hmmmph 

D : Hey, hey, don't give me such face!  That's just making me harder...

A : 

D : Ah - the bus coming!

A : Just go, Dave...

D : Al, I gotta go. Take care of yourself. Try not to depend on the other, okay? 

A : Just go 

D : Hey, maybe we can meet again someday, on my marriage! You have to come, definitely! 

A : Yeah, well. Just go, Dave. Don't make me regret for letting you go 

D : I - I'll be missing you, Al, for sure 

A : Go... And take care of yourself, Dave 

D : Goodbye, Al 

Dave finally entered the bus. Alice stood still. She assured herself that she would be okay. She tried not to shed a single tear. But...


A : Why didn't I say anything like "I'll be missing you" or "I'll be painful not meeting you again" or something?  I just let my pride get in the way! 

Dave, Dave, don't goooooooo! 

Yeah. Alice could not do anything but to let him go. It's tough for her indeed .

Don't worry, Al, you will find someone  , not someone to replace Dave's place as your best friend, but someone to share your life with 

Notes: The italic conversation means the characters talk in their heart.

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  1. It's like Alice were saying goodbye to a lover..
    When Alice said to herself "you will find someone", it's like she just broke up and let go of the ex. It's just my thought, though :)

    Anyway, a best friend is still a best friend even though he/she is far away. No need to say goodbye and no need to find a replacement.

    I'd like to know another story of Alice-Dave, and I hope it will be a romantic one :)