Monday, February 28, 2011

Close That Obsolete Book, Time to Open the New One :)

Hello Monday!

Thanks God for giving me a bright Monday It's somewhat a brand new day for me 

Yeah, after Sunday-Full of Tears-day that successfully spoiled me away , I'm holding my head up high TODAY
*then I keep wondering, why should I be so sucked yesterday?  *

You probably know, there's always blessing in every disguise. Even I terribly hate that day, I got some precious lessons from some sincere friends ~ thanks to them . So grateful to know there's still people who try to push me - not to push me down - but to push me up

When there's a willingness, there's always a way.
Yesterday I promised myself, I would stand up high and strongly above my foot tomorrow. Then when I opened my eyes this morning, my feeling got sooooo much better and everything seemed to be easier 

One thing I can conclude is when something pushes you down, don't carry away with that. Resist and hold up, because if you're continually into it, you will never get better. Keep reminiscing something you shouldn't, keep crying something not worth-crying, and keep wishing something that will never come true ... That's just making you seem so pathetic . So, go on, guys. You have life to live for , you have dream to fight for , you have someone to care for ~ your parents and your best friends , and someone you'll die for in the future . Don't blame yourself, don't look down yourself, just believe that YOU'RE SPECIAL . Believe God created us with all of our strengths and weaknesses because nobody's perfect anyway 

Do you still believe there's a rainbow after the rain? Sunshine after the rain? Or light after storm? 

Everything will be fine, just put your trust on God and yourself . You can also count on your parents and best friends. You're not alone. Face it, don't run away, because these just our life trials. So many hindrances we gotta overcome outside 

Smile and keep cheering up! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Evening Talk

Late twilight or I can say it's been evening. I'm gloomy sitting down in front of my laptop and post this blog. Yeah ~ GLOOMY or rather you can say PEEVISHLY . Suddenly my dearest dog doll, I used to call him RUBEN, came to me and asked what gave me a damn.

Ruben (R) : What the hell in the world happens?  Broken heart or something? 
Me (M) : Stop pissing me off, dude! Or else I'll kill you! 
R : Hey, hey, easy  What'd give you a damn by any chance?
M : Something that shouldn't be really matter 
R : Well then, why you've given me such face? 

M : I said, it SHOULDN'T be something really matter. But it peevishly happens everyday, err.. every night precisely. So it's really getting me on my nerves! 

R : What was that?

M : Here we go, boy. My sister and his son. Every time he does his homework, the third world war is continually happening And I'm really MAD at it! 
R : So, so, what happens anyway? I don't see such annoyance there 

M : Ya, if they were normally studying and teaching. But my sister's such a SHORT TEMPERED! She always blames everything that gets in her way. She speaks LOUD and LOUD that makes my ears deafened!  She has no patience at all, IMO. She even can't bear anything she should 

*taking a looooong sigh *

M : Same thing goes to her son. He's extremely pampered and LAZY ~ Yeah, like mother like son  When looking for something, those two just yelling and yelling, using their mouth instead of the hands!  Somehow I can't HANDLE this anymore!!! 
R : Hmm  I somewhat understand why you're so badly peevish. They utterly annoyed you and if it came to me, maybe I would put my headset and play such ghetto music ~ Ah no. I'd get rid of my headset so they'd be annoyed too 
M : That's just making things worse  I'd rather hush around than yell around 
R : Hah fine. Seems that's the only choice. Poor you 

M : Never mind. I'll make myself stay this way ~ maybe. But if they really make me lose my patience, I'll KILL them! 
R : Ah~ the evil aura just come out from this talk-less girl 
M : Stop teasing me or I'll kill you too! 

R : Oh, NOOOO~  You're too much watching Naruto and Conan, I thought. The effect is you just want to kill anyone Sorry. I'm excused now, you're kinda scary already
M : Now, I really want to KILL YOU!!!  

Ruben finally gone and I'm still typing down. Yeah at least this thing could make me a little better 

Well then, I gotta search for Ruben and obviously kill him see ya on my next post!

(Nb: for some clearances, I really don't intend to kill anybody. That's just for excessive expression for representing the terribly suck condition right now )