Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Once in the Afternoon...

My mom planned to go visiting my uncle who's being hospitalized. She asked me to go as well.

Mom : This afternoon I'd like to go visiting your uncle.

Me   : Ah ~ Aye...  (Without turning away from the vegetables I was cutting out)

Mom : You come along with me as well 

Me   :  Me w-what?  . Ah. Can't I just stay at home? I really have no plan to go somewhere today. You surely know the weather don't well friended with us 

Mom  : Why? You have to go, literally! 

Me   : Ah~ 

I just took a little sighs. NOOOOO!   I wouldn't go anywhere today! Besides, maybe I had personal reason for not coming there .

Trying hard to find the way in order to stay at home, I've tried to go sleeping , but instead the blackout was happening. The weather was too much unfriendly so my plan for sleeping was totally failed .

In the afternoon, soon after my mom came home from our food stall, she dressed up and made up herself. Before she asked me for the second, I initiated to tell her about my unwillingness for going.

Me   : Mom, I think I'm not going 

Mom :  Why?

Me   : No personal excuse 


Me   : Sorry, mom. I decline

My mom was given up. Yeah, I won! . But that's not a case. Seems my mom got so annoyed on me . She didn't talk to me when going back then .

Why mom, Why? . I just thought that I'd be better at home. I knew you're kinda afraid what might they say about me but who cares anyway  

Actually, I don't have personal grudge against them. I just kinda disrespect. I know I know it's bad getting back our disrespectful in sort of condition. I know I'm really stubborn-cold hearted girl-alike , but swear, I don't intend to do so . What's so matter about my absence? Have they ever mind their other niece or nephew but me? .

The answer is a big NO

Well, well, I also feel bad indeed, letting my ego on top of everything . What make it worst is I've promised already to be a good person 

Ah~ah well. In the other occasion, I'll be a GOOD person . Promise!

Okay then, see ya in the next post! 

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