Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Kinda Language I'm Interested to Learn?


Knowing other country's language or even understand it, could become a positive value for the learner, in my opinion at least . Me personally, as an Indonesian, willing to know several languages that commonly used in the world. Let's say, English, Japanese, Italian, France, Spanish, and Germany are sort of languages that I'm willingness to learn. But in order to understand ~ at least to 'know' those languages, I ought to take some courses which cost lots of money. Studying by myself is not enough to understand them as well. Since I've been coming from non-affluence family, paying for the expensive courses could be something really matter . So the best way I can do is learning by myself, such looking for some materials and preferences from website, listening to the song with those native languages, reading some articles, and stuff. Honestly, it's perplexing enough , because the possibilities of making mistakes such spellings, grammars, and vocabs are relatively high .

Currently, I only know three languages; they are Bahasa, English, and Japanese. The level of each of those is surely different. I was born and raised in Indonesia, so my main language is Bahasa. Since it becomes my mother tongue,  I can say my Bahasa is good  ~ Yeah, I'm sure most of Indonesian, especially who live in the capital city and the vicinities, have no difficulties to speak and understand it as well. Being good in Bahasa, does not guarantee me being excellent in all occasions. I also have some difficulties when it comes to compound sentences and I have to differ them based on their status, whether it is main clause, clause, or even subordinate clause. Also, described word and describing word . Well, well, so far my Bahasa is quite good (even my Bahasa's rate never exceeded my English when it came to the Exam .

Second, I know English and I'm still learning up to now. Actually we, Indonesian, been given this English Language since we was in primary school, and that time (at forth grader) I was so shocked to be forced learning such strange language . So in the result, I was really really bad at English and had no interest at all to know further about that peculiar weird absurdly language .

But all have changed when I was in middle school, especially at eighth grader. I took an English course at English Language Foundation, IEC. I admitted I was not that gorgeous, but I always got the highest mark among my class  ~ Err.. You're getting too cocky again! . My English Teacher also spoiled me as her golden student .

Well, well, all just the reminiscence at middle school English life. Eventually when I was in secondary school, all my glories dramatically descended . I did not even get the proper teacher . Instead of making my English better, I was completely sucked that day . I even had no confidence to do the exam and asked my middle school's friend that I used to be a higher rank than her . But yeah, I had no choice, I got away my pride afar and ask her for some helpings .

At final exam, I got ~ Err... good enough result. My English was better than Bahasa, yet still worse than my math , but I was grateful enough I could end my English Life Story at Secondary School nicely .

College season just came. As a student from capital city, I had more confidence that my English would not be so sucked as I used to be at secondary school . Fortunately, my confidence successfully pushed me getting better and better, at least up to now . I can say that my current English is better than before ~ Of course, girl! You're better because you're older!  . Ah~ ya. I admit it so .

However, I still lots of things to learn. Me myself personally think that I'd been better nowadays than myself years ago; but compared to the other, especially the native speakers, I'm still nothing . More over, I'm still worse than my two best friends ~ Cyndi and Jotay . Well, well, even though that's sort of inconvenience for me, but I'm trying to improve myself. Striving to be better and better .

One thing that relieved me a bit, "Even the native speakers or someone whose English being their main language, have some difficulties in grammar," Then that means I'm not that worst  ~ NO, your english is NOT that good, girl! 
Aaaah ~ Yeah! I'm still sucked apparently but you're somehow rude! 

Okay, enough with English. The conclusion is I still have to learn and learn and learn. Yeah, will do! 

The Third one or I can say the last language I know. It is Japanese. まああ、compared to those two, I'm really really bad at it . But maybe I'm not that worse since I know  their kana and few kanji letters . But yet, for wholly understanding it, I still need loooots of pratices and exercises .
Not being conceited but I could write all kanas and about 300 kanjis  ~ YOU'RE SUPER CONCEITED!!!! 
Nooooo, forgive me . I won't get cocky later on, promise! 

まあ、やっぱり、my Japanese is still UNDERRATED ~ since I'm just learning by myself . I'm currently practicing kanji and sometimes I'm listening to Japanese song in order to improve my ears and understandings. 

Yeah, that's my top threes of Languages I've known and... Errr... I can say, "Language I understand ," Practically in my daily life, I'm surely using Bahasa, but for some occasions I'm using English such as when posting in DCW forum (Of course 'coz they're mostly from US and Europe), when posting in my blog ~ not in common though , and stuff. 

But someday, I'll learn Spanish, France, Germany, and Italian, too! For sure!

See ya next post  

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