My Links

  • Main website -> . But actually I rarely update it due to my laziness xD
  • Twitter ->!/Herthina . Here, the only social network where I'm overly active.
  • FanFiction -> . Been lots of months I don't update my story again. Currently I'm working on my third fics, but... suddenly I don't know what to write! D:
  • Facebook -> ... umm yeah, I have a Facebook. But I don't think I will share it here. Haha~ since it's too many expose my identity. Lol.
  • MySpace -> . Oh I don't know why I have such MySpace account while I never update anything there. No problem, if someone asks about having one, I have the answer. Ohoho~ like anyone would ask.
  • Detective Conan World -> with my username 'Tna Uchiha'. Sometimes I'm active here, yeah sometimes. I just don't know what to post. But thanks to DCW, I found some nice friends like KaokoNga-chan, Hano-kun, Akai-kun, Mira-chan, Savior (even he has left DCW), all World of Naruto members, and some others. 
  • Detective Conan Fans Club -> wait, wait... it says it's being maintenance, so I can't put the profile link now. Well, my username is 'Natsuko Miyaharu / 夏子宮春', that's my Japanese name which has the meaning... 夏 -> summer, 子-> child, 宮 -> place, 春 -> spring. Then? Summer child in a spring place...? You could say that~! Ah yeah, I've just joined this forum yesterday after lurking away for almost a year.
  • Naruto Forums -> . I've joined this site about three months ago and I've got such... unpleasant welcoming just because I admitted I loved an Uchiha. I didn't know the fact that Uchiha has soooo many enemies :( But, but... some of them supported me as well. Yeah, I'm in a long hiatus there, it's kinda hard to catch them up...

Site I administrated (again, thanks to Kaoko-chan who made me the administrator xD, sorry I barely do anything D: )