Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And, See You Again

And see you again for the next three months.

Not a short time though, but it's not a farewell.

Just wait and see, will time change everything? Only God knows. One thing for sure, it depends on us, depends on you and me, because future can change, anyhow.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Afternoon Tale

My friend, Nurzaitun, just tweeted this:

"Sometimes I wish I were a-Himono-Onna, so I did not need to feel troubled and taste any sorrow of falling in love."

It looked ridiculous at first, how could she be so troubled when she had someone to rely upon? But later, after any further thought, she was just all true.

When we fall in love, happiness and confusion strangely appear simultaneously. We can just easily happy or sad instead, just like sunshine in a daylight which can change into heavy storm in moments. 

But, yeah, that's the consequences you must take for granted when you dare to love someone and it does not  buy you for free, of course. 

In the end, loving someone is beautiful, indeed, but your anxiety level will increase as well :P