Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stories About Love...

I happened to find these love stories collection while checking up my directories on my laptop this morning. These actually NOT mine. I found them somewhere on internet. I do apologize for not mentioning the source because I completely forgot where did they come from.

So the first is titled 'Tree, Leaf, and Wind'. It was pretty much touchy. I was sort of drop little tears from my eyes. The story is about two human beings (a girl and a guy) which had really close relationship named friendship. You can say it is sort of platonic friendship. The guy analogized himself as a tree while the girl was a leaf attaching firmly to the tree. The girl realized that she really loved her best friend but never found the courage to say it instead of waiting him saying the words because at first she was pretty sure that he also had the same feeling. As time passed by, the girl eventually knew that he just regarded her as a best friend, no more. She decided to leave the tree and the wind swept her away to the better place.

Well, well, it would better to you to read it yourself.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Japanese Healthy Food

Hello, everyone! Sorry for the long progress of the story, I was busy in these last several days. Gomen ne, Kaoko-chan! :D

Rin: Konnichiwa, minna! I'm Rin ( リン ) from Konohagakure! I'm actually a medical ninja and a member of Team Minato, along with Kakashi and Obito...

Rin: Maybe, today's lesson will be a little boring because I'm all alone, without the Japanese Classroom senpai, Tna-san and Kaoko-san. They're actually already coming back to their hometown. But, I'll give you such a useful lesson. Curious?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Once at Twilight...

Two days ago, June 19, at twilight...

I was enjoying my loneliness in my kind-of-messy room with a stack of Japanese guidance and material books which I really wanted to throw them afar  while drinking a cup of hot green tea  , how pacifying...

Suddenly, someone - my distant cousin- ruined my peaceful night. He came to my room and gave me lots of damn! He said some cruel things which should not be said! He didn't even consider my feeling a little bit!

He got me on my nerves that made me wanted to slap his cheek or stuffed his mouth with shoes! Fortunately, I still had a patience. My dislike to any kind of quarrels made me preferred to neglect him and kept my coldness. Okay, at first I couldn't receive his literal has words wholeheartedly. I was so furious! I said,

"Can't you shut your mouth?! None of your business, you see! "

But he didn't pay any attention instead of saying non-sensely and an insult - okay, maybe he didn't intend to insult me, but I really got offended by his words.

Then I said, "Shut up or should I sew your lips? Leave my room, RIGHT NOW! "

Oh well, he successfully ruined my perfect day. Even I tried hard to bear it, I couldn't hide my peevishness. I locked myself in the room and tried to think clearly. Breathed in, breathed out... Inhaled, exhaled...

I even asked, "God... why did you send me some annoying people right before my face ?"
But then I knew the answer. God wanted me to be more patient by meeting them. God wanted to strengthen my fragile mind...

Then I remembered to my favorite words,

"There's no such thing like coincidence for God. God has planned everything, even a single piece of thing."

So, God didn't coincidentally send people to our life, God did it on purpose. Even it doesn't always turn good, we can always take blessing in every disguise, believe it~! 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Japanese Cuisine Part 2

Tokyo Dome, Bunkyou Ward
Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Ran: Welcome to Furusato Matsuri Tokyo, the original Japanese food festival!

Conan: Here we can celebrate the diversity of regional food, festivals and culture around Japan... Ikimashou, Tna-neechan, Kaoko-neechan and... sumimasen, oneechan no namae wa... (sorry, what's your name, big sister)?

Nga: Atashi wa Nga desu (I'm Nga), Conan-kun...

Conan: Ah gomennasai (I'm sorry), Nga-neechan...

Nga: Ii (it's okay), Conan-kun...

Ran: Ikou (let's go)... let's enter the Tokyo Dome!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Japanese Traditional Marriage

空港第2ビル駅 (Airport Terminal 2 Station)
Chiba Prefecture, Japan

Kaoko: Here we go, Japan! We're coming back again to Tokyo!

Nga: So it is Japan? Naruhodo ne (I see)... it's no wonder if you two always get excited every time you travelling to this country... thanks for asking me to join, Kaoko-chan and Tna-chan... eh, where's Tna-chan?

Kaoko: So iueba (come to think of it)... I haven't seen that girl since we arrived here. Doko ni itte n deshou ano onna (where is she going)... Ah, there she is!


Friday, June 17, 2011

I Miss the Day...

Edited: If I said this is just a non-sense post, then I edit it. Actually no. In this post I really want to tell about I miss the day when I spent time with my loveliest people in my life. If only those days could come back again...

But if you don't want to get bored when reading it, then don't read. .

Where Should I Go?

I really have no idea where my adventure should start again if the medical test result unsatisfied. I don't know where to go... I'm just to tired to sail my ship again. Why should it end up like this? Why am I always failed? Can't I taste the happiness of glory?

It's just hard to accept unexpected thing wholeheartedly. But if it isn't meant to be, then all I can do is holding my head's high. For my mom's sake... for my future's sake...

God, bless us always... with all my humbleness, I ask to you sincerely...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Japanese Tea Ceremony

Nagano Prefecture, Honshu-shima

Tna: Yappari Nihon ni kaechatta (Finally we're coming back to Japan)... Tsukareta (how tired)... 

Kaoko: Waaah... the scenery is sugooooi (great) ~! I like this city!

Hano: Are? Futari tomo koko ni ikenakatta ato de (you both never been here before)?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

I Need Your Strength, God...

I thought I would be better when I posted another post in my blog, but it seems I'm in worse condition than before. Yeah, I'm still stressful, really stressful, and it's unusual. I'm hyperworried over something... not just something, but quite something.

Well, so thanks God I passed the interview and I did medical check up yesterday (the third stage of four of the recruitment process). Beginning from blood checking where my blood was taken in a little glass tube until running about 1,6 km. All parts of my body was checked by the doctor, all. whether inner and outer and it spent all day long. I begin to be checked up at 07.00 am until 07.00 pm. Almost twelve hours, of course including the an-hour-and-half-running.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Do I Deserve Joining Them?

To be honest, I'm in a very stressful circumstance now . Why? Is it because of boyfriend? Friend? Family?

No. Neither. What makes me so stressful in the last one year is being a job seeker. Well, I graduated more than a year ago, but I haven't got any job . Blame my stupidity for not optimizing every chance I had and my terrible bad luck.

Some says, the good thing will eventually happen in the end if we never stop trying. I believe that, I keep running and running, neglecting any cynical views from either my neighbors and my 'friends', pretending I stay strong but actually isn't.

I believe God is the best arranger, the best composer, and everything. I really put all my faith in God. But even I always try to convince myself that I can get over it someday, I tumble down and cry sometimes. I'm just too fragile to face such reality. I still lack of patience apparently.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Japanese Nationwide Festivals

Yamato: Yo, omaetachi (guys)! Ore wa Yamato da, not my real name though because of my job as an ANBU Black Ops!

Yamato: Maybe some of you been wondering why I'm not wearing my mask... well, well, due to any circumstances, I put off my mask. I was in charged of being a captain of Team 7 since Kakashi-senpai was badly injured while ago... but, it wasn't such an easy task accompanying the reckless Naruto-

Naruto: Oy, oy, nani ga itta (what did you say), Yamato-taichou?