Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Once at Twilight...

Two days ago, June 19, at twilight...

I was enjoying my loneliness in my kind-of-messy room with a stack of Japanese guidance and material books which I really wanted to throw them afar  while drinking a cup of hot green tea  , how pacifying...

Suddenly, someone - my distant cousin- ruined my peaceful night. He came to my room and gave me lots of damn! He said some cruel things which should not be said! He didn't even consider my feeling a little bit!

He got me on my nerves that made me wanted to slap his cheek or stuffed his mouth with shoes! Fortunately, I still had a patience. My dislike to any kind of quarrels made me preferred to neglect him and kept my coldness. Okay, at first I couldn't receive his literal has words wholeheartedly. I was so furious! I said,

"Can't you shut your mouth?! None of your business, you see! "

But he didn't pay any attention instead of saying non-sensely and an insult - okay, maybe he didn't intend to insult me, but I really got offended by his words.

Then I said, "Shut up or should I sew your lips? Leave my room, RIGHT NOW! "

Oh well, he successfully ruined my perfect day. Even I tried hard to bear it, I couldn't hide my peevishness. I locked myself in the room and tried to think clearly. Breathed in, breathed out... Inhaled, exhaled...

I even asked, "God... why did you send me some annoying people right before my face ?"
But then I knew the answer. God wanted me to be more patient by meeting them. God wanted to strengthen my fragile mind...

Then I remembered to my favorite words,

"There's no such thing like coincidence for God. God has planned everything, even a single piece of thing."

So, God didn't coincidentally send people to our life, God did it on purpose. Even it doesn't always turn good, we can always take blessing in every disguise, believe it~! 


  1. Kick his sorry ass Tna -growls-

  2. I was about to do that, but... I was too lazy even just to see his face <_<