Friday, June 17, 2011

Where Should I Go?

I really have no idea where my adventure should start again if the medical test result unsatisfied. I don't know where to go... I'm just to tired to sail my ship again. Why should it end up like this? Why am I always failed? Can't I taste the happiness of glory?

It's just hard to accept unexpected thing wholeheartedly. But if it isn't meant to be, then all I can do is holding my head's high. For my mom's sake... for my future's sake...

God, bless us always... with all my humbleness, I ask to you sincerely...


  1. Be strong till the end, Herthina. :)

  2. You know what?
    I have a strong feeling that you will pass the test.
    Trust me, it's what they call women's intuition.

  3. @ Nga-chan: Arigatou, Nga-chan~! I will :D *hugs*

    @ Jotay-kun: Aamiin. You know? Your words made me cry a river. It's really... touchy. *gives death smooches*