Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Japanese ~_~


I'm sorry for being so active in this blog lately . Well, now I'd like to tell about my progress of learning Japanese.

As I wrote on previous post, I'm currently learning Japanese . I have some Japanese books, such "Kamus Jepang - Indonesia" ~ Japanese - Indonesian Dictionary (I have two ), "Adjectives and Adverbial Clause", Kanji Book, "Japanese for Beginner", "Daily Japanese", and several books which was given by my uncle ~ practically he ever went there 14 years ago and I envy him so much 

So, what you've been learning up to now?

First, I could write all kana ~ hiragana yet katakana ~ pretty well . Actually I've learned this when I was at secondary school.

Second, I also fluent enough for あいさつ ~ greetings in Japanese. For example,

and so on.

Third. I know Kanji, little bit. I can write about 300 kanji as well . But the problem is, I usually forget what I've been learnt . Here are some Kanji I used to know.


日本 / Japan
会社 / Office
中国 / China
自動車 / Car
戦勝 / War
最後 / Last
最初 / First
学生 / Student
学校 / School
場所 / Place
彼 / He
彼女 / She
愛 / Love
and so on

In Kanji Book, I've learnt 260 kanji and several kanji characters from daily usage. Well then, I'll post when there's any progress .

See ya and wish me luck 

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