Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Recent Activities of a Happy-Go-Lucky Jobless Girl!

Today I'm going to tell you what kind of activities that the no-job-girl  does in her daily life.

Well, recently I'm much more active in Detective Conan World, wonder why? 

Yes, maybe I'm already passed 20 (mostly the member under 20  ) and it makes me bit too old 
But, they're so welcoming to me! They even didn't suppose me older than most of them  It's really really making me more and more convenience 

I well-friended umm... I mean I can get deal nicely with some of them. . They are Officer Kaoko or Kaoko-chan (well, she's sooo nice person), Shuichi Akai - what's his name actually? Err... Lemme think... Once I've found out that his name is Christian -- So sorry, can't remember his actual name well , Detective Gin - As our Hokage in Naruto World Club - He's a kind guy , Saviour - Yes, yes, though he's bit sarcastic at first , but lately I can keep up with him . Any other? Actually ya. But mostly I interact with them, not so often though 

Other activities? 
Doing many things in common, such helping my mom cutting out the vegetables and stuff, ironing, washing, browsing, blogging, checking twitter from my touchscreen ~ oh how could you be so cocky? , learning Japanese, playing with my niece, or even hanging out with my high school friend   !

Hmph. What a boring daily activities. You've graduated from your bachelor but you only do such things? 
Literally ya since I have no job . Everyday I hope my day would be more colorful, but it just hasn't happened to me yet 

My love life story has no difference. I'm still waiting for the princess charming  to come and rescue me from this kinda suck stuff 

Well then, see ya on another post 

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