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FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 6

(Chapter 6 - Ends)

Ichiroku Resort
Room No. 26
Sunday, July 10th, 03.40 am

Haibara lied on the bed. The doctor would come tomorrow because of the rain storm, so Shinichi nursed her temporarily – putting a wet towel on her forehead and frequently checked the temperature. She was bit better now, at least she didn't shiver anymore, but the temperature only descend slightly. She breathed abnormally fast which made him worried to leave her.

Shinichi then remembered of Jodie-sensei and the three others FBI. He was so curious about what was going on over there.

Crap! I completely forgot about Gin! If he is really in this resort, the situation must be worsened,” he said silently – face-palmed.

Kid, you may take a rest now, let me look after her,” John said, “you look so exhausted,”

Ah, yeah,” he replied and stood up. “Please take care of her, Occhan,”

Shinichi covered Haibara with blanket and whispered to her, “Take care,”

Of course,” John smiled.

By the way, Occhan, have Jodie-sensei and the others already informed to you?”

Haven't, at all. Maybe the situation was getting serious,” he said cautiously. “Well, but I wish they'll be fine,”

Yeah, likewise... A-ACHOOOOO!” he sneezed. His nose was runny.

It seems you're being infected,” John said, “Just go sleeping, Kid,”

A-A-A-ACHOOOO ~,” he sneezed again. “Yeah, Occhan,”

He went to another bed, still in the same room and lied on it. Not until five minutes, he already slept soundly.


Gunma Forest
Confrontation Place

GIN!” Jodie surprised a lot. She and the three FBI fellows ready with their gun.

What a great welcome from the FBI,” he stepped carefully and glared at them with his cold evil eyes. His left hand was on the lap.

What a dare of you showing yourself off in front of five FBI all alone,” Jodie said.

I have no intention of confronting you, Guys,” he said. “I just want to take my subordinate's corpse,”

Do you think we willingly let you go for free after long time pursuit?” Jodie pointed out her gun to him.

Actually I'm waiting for the moment when you, FBI, confront me without Akai Shuuchi,” his words mentioning Akai Shuuichi made Jodie yanked. “Very interesting to see what can you, Guys, do without him – your excellent sniper,”

If I were you I would not underestimate FBI,” Jodie pulled the trigger but James prevented her.

He's wearing bullet proof inside his robe. If you shoot him with this silencer gun, it's futile,” James warned her.

Well, if I were you I would not point out that gun toy to threaten someone who more skillful than you in shooting,” Gin said sarcastically cold. “it's an easy work for me to crush four foolish FBI mice in one moment, but I have more important thing to do instead of playing around with you all,”

I think we have to let him go,” James made a controversial decision.

W-what?!” Jodie did not believe what she heard.

Our intention is securing Nakazawa Michiru-san and preventing her doing some dangerous actions with her drugs, then forcing her to tell their hideout,” James explained half-whispered. “After we know the hideout, we'll come up with strategy to ambush them,”

Unfortunately, that stupid woman killed herself without hesitation,” Agent Camel added, “and we never expected her superior is coming along, too,”

Yeah. Maybe you already know, attacking him without any preparations would be disadvantage for us,” James implied. “Moreover if full-fledgling happens, some of us will get unnecessary shot,”

Jodie felt so exasperated, but what James and Camel said was almost right. So she just sighed and said, “Well,”

Gin smirked. He immediately took Madeira's body and brought her into his car.

We let you go for free this time, but there will be no second time,” Jodie threatened him.

That's so kind of you,” Gin scorned coldly. He got himself to the car, starting up its engine and vanishing to the dark.


Ichiroku Resort
Room No. 26
Sunday, July 10th, 05.00 am

Jodie Santemillion, James Black, Andrea Camel, and Clay Hudson came back to their room. Their expression was the same – upset. The only succeeded preventing Madeira put a trial of her drugs to the victim. But they did not get any further information about the organization.

How about her? Is it any better?” Jodie took her hand to Haibara forehead. “Still fever,”

Yeah, but she's better than an hour ago,” John said.

Have you called the doctor?” James implied.

Yea, I have. Doctor will come this morning,”

Already take the medicine?” Jodie asked again.

Yeah, while ago,”


The door bell was ringing.

Let me open the door,” Jodie said and rushed into the door. She looked from the small monitor, checking who was coming this early.

Agasa-Hakase. She immediately opened the door.

Ah ~ Hakase,” Jodie greeted him.

Are Ai-kun and Conan-kun here?” Hakase asked anxiously.

Ah, yeah. Don't tell me he didn't tell anything about staying overnight here?”

Ya, he did. But I have a bad feeling of it. Did they really company you all night long?”
Jodie silenced a while, then she let him in.

Ai-kun?” he got to Haibara's bed. “She's unwell?”

Then he saw Shinichi was sleeping on the next bed.

What's going on actually?” Hakase asked perplexed.

Jodie sighed and finally told him what was happened. “Well, actually...”

Somewhere Around the Cliff
Sunday, July 10th, 05.15 am

A Porsche Type 356A stopped at the edge of the cliff. Gin took out his rifle and pointed it out to the woman who lied on the back seat. “You're acting skill was quite good”

I thought I was really dead,” Madeira opened her eyes and ripped off the mask on her face,”Thanks to this blood pouch,”

Unfortunately, you will really die,” Gin moved his rifle closer and put it on her forehead.

Ha-ha- you must be kidding me,” she tried to laugh.

You have messed everything. You let FBI knew your plan and thwarted it. You even didn't get the result of the drugs you made,” Gin spoke coldly. “Organization doesn't hire a useless person like you,”

B-but doesn't the organization need a scientist? Most people know that I'm a genius pharmacist,”

Organization needs usable and reliable people, not a genius one,” he stated. “You even much worse than your predecessor,”

But at least I have more faith than her – a foolish traitor,” she reminisced the reddish-brown girl she met hours ago.

We gave you a code name Madeira so that you became as great as her, but you're a big failure,” Gin ready to pull the trigger.

W-w-wait, you'll regret if you kill me now,” she tried to threaten, “I have a precious information about your former lovely scientist – Sherry,”

Gin bit surprised but he kept his cool expression. “Though I'm interested a bit, but unfortunately 'Anokata' ordered me to kill you right now,”

W-w-waaaiiit -”


Without any hesitation he shot and let her blood smearing his back seat. He took out the body then pushed it to the cliff.


Ichiroku Resort
Room No. 26
Sunday, July 10th, 09.00 am

Haibara slowly opened her eyes. She did not know how long had been unconscious. She put the hand on her forehead, it seemed like the temperature descended few degrees but still, she felt some dizziness.

Ah ~ Wake up already?” Jodie greeted her, “how do you feel? So much better?”

I think so,” she saw the whole room looking for someone presence.

If you're looking for Cool Kid, he is sleeping right there,” Jodie pointed finger to the next bed.

Haibara smiled, she was so grateful he saved, without any injuries.

He looked after you all night long, but he's catching a cold now and a slight fever,” Jodie explained.

Kudou-kun, you...?” Haibara smiled again. “Thanks...”

Ai-chan!” someone came.

Haibara looked back to the voice. Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, Ran, and Agasa-hakase was coming.

Haibara-san, we heard from Hakase, you have a terrible fever,” Mitsuhiko said.

Are you alright now, Ai-chan?” Ran asked.

Yeah, pretty much,”

Ayumi came near Haibara, she checked on Haibara's forehead. “Mattaku, you apparently still fever, Ai-chan,”

Yeah. Maybe after eating and taking medicines I will get better,” she said plainly. “Sore yori, why don't you check the boy sleeping there?”

Ah ~ Conan-kun!” Ran came near him, Ayumi too. Ran checked his forehead. “He also have a slight fever,”

Shinichi suddenly opened his eyes. He disturbed enough with this sudden morning fuss.

Ran-neechan?” said him with half-opened eyes, “Ayumi-chan?”

Conan-kun, you awake!” Ayumi cried happily, “how do you feel right now?”

Ah, bit dizzy and.... A-A-A-ACHOOOO” his nose was runny again.

You get influenza, Conan-kun,” Ran said worriedly.

Guess so...” he took a tissue then wiped his nose.

Mattaku, you both really made me worry. You two didn't come back tonight and now we find you in a not good condition,” Ran sighed. She showed her expression of anxiety.

Tonikaku, why do you two get fever all of sudden? Last night you seemed okay,” Genta asked curiously.

Maybe my immunity was dropped because of the weather differences and this Edogawa-kun get infected,” Haibara implied, she smirked at Shinichi.

Ah – sou ka,” Ayumi muttered.

Hey, Guys, why don't you have such an outdoor activities? I've heard from the owner there's a river in the forest and it contains lots of fish. You can go fishing, grilling the fish, and stuff,” Shinichi asked.

But Conan-kun, you aren't suggested going there until you recover,” Ran warned.

I'm not going. Ran-neechan and Hakase will company Ayumi-chan and the others,”

You're not going? How could we possibly leave you and Ai-chan here while we're enjoying the camping,”

Never mind. You, Guys, are coming here for vacation, right? You shouldn't stuck here inside the resort all day long accompanying the sick guys right?”

But, is it really okay?” Mitsuhiko asked uncertainly. He looked at Shinichi and Haibara one after another.

Yeah, just enjoy your vacation, Guys,” Haibara smiled. “You don't know when will you be coming back here again, right?”

Have fun, Guys! I'll take care Conan-kun and Ai-chan here,” Ran smiled.

You have to come along too, Ran-neechan. Jodie-sensei will take care of us,” Shinichi said. Actually he would ask Jodie about the result of their confrontation with the woman from black organization. So there was no way for him to ask if Ran stayed and accompanied him all day long.

But Conan-kun...” Ran muttered uncertain.

Ran, you don't believe me?” Jodie said sadly – or rather she just pretended to be sad.

Ah ~ Chigau, Jodie-sensei -” Ran denied.

Then, just leave them to me,” Jodie smiled and winked.

They're right, Ran. Let's join us and have some fun, then we'll share it to them,” Hakase implied.

Ran silenced for a moment, she was likely thinking about something.

Well, I'm going,” Ran smiled. “Conan-kun, Ai-chan, please take care of them, Jodie-sensei,”

Ran bowed her body and Jodie-sensei responded her with smile.

Roger!” she smiled widely.

Ja, let's prepare something to bring,” Hakase suggested.

Conan-kun, Ai-chan, get well soon,” Ayumi said half-cheered and half-anxious.

We'll wait for the story,” Shinichi said.

I'll catch some eels for you both, and Jodie-sensei as well,” Genta implied.

Mattaku, Genta-kun, there's nothing in your head but eel,” Ayumi grumbled.

They were all laughing.

Ja, we're going, Conan-kun, Haibara-san,” said Mitsuhiko while leaving the room.

Ja na,” Shinichi waved his hands.

So, what do you want to ask to Jodie-sensei after dispersing them all?” Haibara asked sharply to him when they all were gone. She sit on the fringe of her bed, closer to where Shinichi was.
Ah -” Shinichi laughed annoyingly because Haibara could figure him out well, “so how was the conclusion, Jodie-sensei?”

Jodie sighed. “She suicided,” she sit right beside Haibara.

Suicided?” Shinichi surprised.

Yeah. Unexpectedly Gin came and...”

Haibara suddenly shivered when Jodie mentioned such name. “Just as I guessed,”

You knew he was coming too?” Jodie frowned.

Yeah. I felt his presence when Edogawa-kun and I were in front of your door, so I ran away and tried to hide,”

Eh? So that was why you're suddenly missing last night?”

Yeah, this girl hid behind the giant log at the back porch,” Shinichi glared exasperatedly at Haibara for her stubbornness. “If I hadn't found her last night, she probably would have died of chilling rain,”

Actually I tried to do so,” she smirked, “I was thinking, dying of chilling rain was hundreds time better than be found as a traitor,”

Stupid!” Shinichi scorned, “living is still way better than dying,”

Yeah, if you're living normally, but it will be different for someone who is always being pursued by death,” she said sarcastically that made Shinichi was even annoyed.

You found her then you both ran to the forest and met Madeira?” Jodie asked uneasily.

Exactly,” he answered shortly. “So Gin came alone?”

Yeah. Because we had no preparation for confronting him, we retreated,”

But I have some curiosity of her death,” Shinichi muttered. “Was she really dead?”

She shot herself on her temple, blood flowed immediately as she collapsed,” Jodie explained. “You mean she faked her death?”

Ah, my intuition says that,” Shinichi grinned. “If that so, the problem will get more serious,”

I think organization already took action on her,” Haibara said coldly. “FBI discovered her, that means she is a big failure,”

She already been killed?” Jodie asked perplexedly.

Yeah, probably,” she answered half-certain, “'Kill the rubbish' is their motto,”

Yeah, I guess so,” Shinichi agreed.

But what troubled me is that Madeira was curios of Haibara's real identity. If she really faked her death, she should have a chance to speak with Gin. Did she tell him already?” Shinichi said silently. Haibara was unconscious last night so she didn't notice about Madeira's curiosity. “Well, just keep in mind and don't let Haibara know about this. Hope everything goes well and Gin hasn't discovered yet about this,

Then how did you ambush her before she ran away to the forest?” Shinichi asked, he tried to hide his anxious thought.

We found her during the transaction between her and the candidate victim at liquor storage room” Jodie said, “the candidate victim was her high school colleague, Masahiro Taro-san,”

Masahiro Taro...?” Haibara muttered.

Hey, you know that person?” Shinichi asked impatiently.

No, not at all literally. But Madeira called his friend like that when she met me at the kitchen,” she said slowly as if that was an unpleasant memory for her.

So, what kind of drug that was?”

Clay interviewed Masahiro Taro-san this morning, he said that he had an acute gastric disorders, so he asked his genius pharmacist to make such potent drug then Madeira used it as her experiment to the new drug she created,” Jodie continued.

You have a sample?” he asked.

Yeah, we took it when ransacking her luggage, but unfortunately...”

What?” Shinichi and Haibara asked simultaneously of curiosity.

It seems they prepared something to the pill,” Jodie sad disappointingly. “When we tried to examine the actual effect, the pill was rotten so its chemical structure undetected,”

The pills should be stored in the proper place, such as a special glass tube,” Haibara implied, “because if it's contaminated with air for few minutes, air will destroy its chemical structure,”

Ah ~ naruhodo,” Jodie muttered.

Crap! Why it always turns out like this!” Shinichi cursed with his nasal sound.

Yeah, I myself was getting so exasperated last night for letting Gin go, but we have no choice,” Jodie sighed.

TING TONG TING TONG. The bell was ringing.
Jodie peeked from the small monitor near the door then opened it.

The doctor is coming, Guys, prepare yourself,” said Jodie sensei cheerfully as a middle aged - man in white coat came into the room.


Ichiroku Resort
Sunday, July 11th, 09.00 am

Dou itashimashite,” all servants of Ichiroku Resort bowed their body when Shinichi and others ready to leave the resort.

Thank you for visiting, feel free to come anytime,” said the Yoshikawa Michiru-san.

We'll have sake again next time, Mouri-san,” her husband laughed to Kogoro.

Ha-ha-ha of course,” Kogoro stupidly laughed as well. He brought the luggage and put it in the baggage of his rental car.

You're getting well already, Conan-kun and Ai-chan?” Ayumi asked.

Yeah, I guess -” Conan replied.

Likewise,” Haibara implied.


But I couldn't even get some fun here,” Shinichi whispered to Haibara sullenly.

Really? Do the the case related to the rganization interest you better than go fishing with the others?” Haibara mocked.

Geez, annoying,” he sighed peevishly.



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