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FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 3

(Chapter 3)

Kitchen of Ichiroku Resort
Saturday, July 10th, 09.00 pm

Haibara heated the water to make an ocha for herself. She took pieces of dried-tea-leaves and put it into the cup. When the water boiled, she immediately poured it in until the tea aroma filled up the whole kitchen.

Carefully, she lifted the glass and blew it up. She was alone in the room, but she really enjoyed her loneliness.

Suddenly the uneasiness came into her heart, very very inconvenience feeling. She was trembling as the sound of footsteps approached.

What's with this feeling? An uneasiness feeling...” she asked herself. This suffocated feeling was not the first time for her.

What is it? What is it? Is there one of them here?” Haibara gripped her arm tightly. Shivering. Sweats dampened her sweater. She sit on the corner of the room, still holding her cup of tea that had become cold now.

Please, please, don't come,” she desperately pleaded even she knew her plea would not be granted.


Those footsteps was closer and closer. GRIT... The door was opened.

Haibara put her head on the knees. Kept pleading she could vanish for a while or teleport to somewhere in the world, the world that she could find peace without fear of being pursued.

Please, please...”

What are you doing there, little girl?” asked a woman voice coming near her.

Haibara had no choice but stayed on her current position. That uneasiness really strangled her. The woman before her was not as evil as Vermouth, but she was part of them knowing from her aura.

Is she a new member? What's their intention for hiring her? It is me she's looking for?” Haibara was way too afraid to open her eyes.

Are you afraid of something?” asked that woman again.

TARRR... Thunder rumbled out loud making the atmosphere was even creepier.

Ah – Are you afraid of that thunder sound?” she concluded herself. “Daijoubu, everything will be fine. I'll take you to your room, little girl,”

Her voice was not as cold as she should as a member of that dangerous organization. She reached Haibara's arm which made her shivering even more.

Hey, hey, don't be afraid,” the woman still tried to persuade Haibara to lift her head, glaring at her pitifully.

Hei, Michiru, what are you doing?” another voice came. It was a boy this time. “The game won't start without you,”

Ah ~ I'm sorry, Taro-kun,” the woman left Haibara as she whispered, “I'm leaving, Little girl, sorry can't take you to the room,”

Ichiroku Resort - Room No. 18
Hiroshi Agasa and Detective Boys' Room

I wonder why Ai-chan hasn't come back yet,” Ayumi said anxiously. They were still playing that Karuta Card.

Sou iueba, it's been almost an hour,” Mitsuhiko glanced at his watch.

Maybe we should take a look,” Ran suggested.

Shinichi abruptly had a bad feeling of this. “You, Guys, just keep playing, I'll look for her. I also want to take some water. My throat has dried enough,”

Well, please take some for us, too, Conan-kun,” asked Ran.


Shinichi left the room and hurriedly stepped downstairs, convincing himself that nothing bad happened. He half-run to the kitchen without noticing his way, until...

BRAKKK. He bumped into someone.

Ara? Cool kid?” said a familiar voice. Shinichi immediately lifted up his head checking who was someone he collided to.

J-Jodie-sensei?” Shinichi surprised.

Oh, Conan-kun?” James Black also there.

James-san?” Shinichi startled even more. He rolled his eyes to whole room and he saw Agent Camel sit on the nearby sofa. It looked like his bad feeling came true. What the hell in the world FBI was here?

Why all of you here?” Shinichi asked perplexedly.

Ah ~ we have a three days off actually. So why don't we just relax a little bit by spending vacation at this beautiful countryside?” Jodie answered excitedly. “Then why are you also here, Cool Kid? I have a bad feeling that you involve in some cases,”

Ha-ha- you spoke as if I were a shinigami,” Shinichi implied apathetically. “Me and the others are spending vacation, too,”

Ha-ha-ha. Isn't it a good idea to live calmly for a while without gun, blood, or murderer?” Jodie laughed.

Are you Guys really here for vacation?” Shinichi just didn't believe to what they literally said.

Ah, you're thinking too much as usual, Conan-kun,” James implied. “ Where is the other by the way?”

Those children, Ran-neechan, and Agasa-hakase are playing Karuta Cards in my room. Kogoro-occhan is having sake with the owner's husband,” Shinichi replied. “Are you coming here just the three of you?”

Ah~no. There are two more agents in their room now,” answered Jodie-sensei carefully.

Two more agents? They look suspicious even more,” Shinichi said quietly.

Where are you going by the way, Kid?” asked Agent Camel who stayed quiet before.

Kitchen – I'm looking for some foods and beverages,” Shinichi said. “Well, I excused now, they must be starving there,”

Ok, Cool Kid, see you later!” Jodie winked her left eye smilingly.

Kitchen of Ichiroku Resort
Saturday, July 10th, 10.00 pm

Haibara already sit on the chair after making sure that inconvenience smell has faded away, but her body still shivered.


Another footsteps approached, but she did not feel any fear. Or maybe a member in disguise so she could not feel its presence.


Haibara, you're still here?” a familiar voice called her name opening the door.

She carefully turned her head, the fear expression still adorned her face. But then she relieved. “Kudou-kun?”

What are you doing here?” Shinichi asked curiously.

Don't you see that I'm having a tea?” she strove hard to hide her expression of fear by not looking at Shinichi-eyes.

Shinichi realized something odd in Haibara's stances. “What's the matter?”

What do you mean by what's the matter?” she asked without answering Shinichi's question.

You don't look good, your face is pale,” he answered.

Pale? Ah~ Maybe I'm just tired a little,” Haibara turned her back ready to leave the room. “I think I need some sleep right away,”

But Shinichi knew she was lying because her body shuddered. Without any hesitation, he pulled Haibara's arm.

Haibara, something happened?” Shinichi asked sharply. His face looked so serious now. Actually he already felt that something went wrong when he saw several FBI agents were here. Then he was surely sure now that something happened.

No ~ nothing happens,” she denied. “There's no murderer or something here,”

Shinichi jumped into a conclusion, the only thing that feared Haibara the most is that black organization. “Any of their member here?”

W-what are you talking about?” Haibara tried to evade. She just did not want Shinichi and the others involved.

Haibara, just tell me,” Shinichi demanded. “You're not the type of woman that afraid of ghost, genie, or any of bugs,”

Haibara silenced bowing her head and ready to go.

Wait!” Shinichi impeded her from running away. “Tell me, who is the person,”

I've told you already, nothing happened,” she stubbornly said.

Well, from your odd stances and some FBI agents are here, I can make a conclusion,”

FBI?” Haibara startled. “FBI is here?”

I think the reason why they are here is the one whom you met before I came,”

Sonna...” Haibara murmured surprisingly. She stared at Shinichi with open-wide eyes.

Who is the person, Haibara?” he asked impatiently.

Haibara silenced for a while. “I – I didn't know who that woman was. I didn't see her face yet didn't recognize her voice. She had the same aura which the member usually possessed, but not as cold as Vermouth. I think she is their new member,”

New member?” Shinichi digested her words. “What's their intention actually?”

How do I know?” Haibara sarcastically replied. “Maybe she was after me,”

What makes you jump into that conclusion?”

Nothing – Just my feeling said that,”

I don't think so. If she was really after you, she might kill you already,” Shinichi disagreed. “Moreover, you didn't cover your hair with neither hood nor cap. She might recognize your brunette hair immediately,”

Haibara sighed. “Thanks for relieving me, but I don't feel any relieves at all while knowing their member is here ,”

How stubborn,” Shinichi sighed. “I have to find out what's going on actually, I'd like to ask the FBI.”

Shinichi hastily turned his back, but Haibara held him back.

Chotto, don't be so reckless,” she warned. “You might be killed,”

Don't worry, I won't take any actions before knowing the real situation,” Shinichi smirked. “Let's go, Haibara!”

Shinichi pulled Haibara's left hand forcefully, ignoring her objection.

Chotto, chotto, do you know their room?” Haibara gasped while they were searching for Jodie-sensei and her FBI fellows' room. She walked behind Shinichi.

We'll ask the the owner,”

It's almost eleven now, she must be sleeping,” Haibara warned.

Well, no choice,”

Shinichi walked to the main room – the Reception Room. There were still two receptionists sitting there, waiting for the guests to come.

Nee, Oneechan,” Shinichi greeted with his pampered voice.

Ah, aren't you a kid who was with Mouri-san before?” said one of those two. “What do you want, Kid?”

Ano- My sensei also stayed overnight here. I ran into her a while ago, but I forgot to ask her room,” he explained innocently. “If you don't mind, would you tell me where is her room? Because I need her to explain about the vacation essay she gave us three days ago,”

Sasuga, Kudou-kun, your acting skill is awesome,” Haibara muttered silently and smirked behind his back.

No problem, Boy. We'll tell you,” the receptionist woman smiled. “Who is your sensei's name? Wait for a minute, I'll check it out in guest lists,”

Jodie Saintemillion,” he smiled.

Jodie Santemillion? Wait, I'll check it...” she checked today's guest lists on the computer then cried happily when finding what she searched for. “Ah! This is!”

Miss Jodie Santemillion reserved Room No. 25 and 26,”

Arigatou na, Oneechan,”

Shinichi walked hurriedly with Haibara following him. Those two used stairs to the third floor of this resort. Thunder still rumbled outside, rain still fell continuously. Shinichi was impatient to find out what was happening while Haibara just kept wishing they will not meet one of them on their way there.

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