Tuesday, March 15, 2011

FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 2

(Chapter 2)

Hiroshi Agasa's Residence
Beika-Cho, 2nd Street No. 22
Tokyo, Japan
Friday, July 9th

"I'm coming," Shinichi entered Hakase's house after greeting the others. He brought his full-loaded picnic bag. He take off his raincoat and the umbrella. It was raining outside.

"Ah, you come," Haibara yawned, she welcomed Shinichi apathetically.

"Where's the other?"

"They're playing new games that Hakase created," Haibara poured a hot tea from the teapot. "Wanna some?"

"Yeah, thanks," Shinichi took the glass on the table and let Haibara poured it for him. The cold weather made hot tea tasted so good.

Those two walked to join the others, but they weren't playing. They sit on the sofa and enjoy their tea.

"Hakase?" he gulped down the tea.

"In his room, preparing what will he bring tomorrow," replied Haibara coldly. "He messed the whole room just for it,"

"Ha-ha. Ano hakase..." he raised his half eyebrow.

"Nee, Conan-kun, this game is interesting! Would you join?" Ayumi offered.

"No, thanks, Ayumi-chan," he declined politely.

"Ah, we thought you would be enthusiastic because it's a deduction game," Mitsuhiko added disappointedly.

"Ha-ha- not today. I'm bit tired of helping Ran-neechan and Occhan prepared things for tomorrow, so I pass," Shinichi gave a sharp glance to Haibara as he used her sacred word such 'I pass'.

"Well, then, maybe we can play such interesting game like weeks ago," Genta referred to that disgusting Truth or Dare game.

"No, I object!" Shinichi and Haibara said accordingly with such unpleasant voice.

"Ha-ha-ha- you two surely get traumatic," Ayumi laughed cutely.

Mitsuhiko and Genta also laughed together that made Shinichi and Haibara got so annoyed.

"Well, I'm going to bed now," Haibara yawned. "Good night,"

"Ah, Ai-chan, you're sleepy already?" Ayumi disagreed with Haibara's idea to go sleeping this early.

"You can see that my eyes are redden already and I've been yawning for hundred times," Haibara explained unwillingly.

"Well, good night, Haibara-san," Mitsuhiko said, grinning.

"She's really good at running away tough," Shinichi murmured slowly.

Haibara turned her back then went away. She put her cup in the kitchen then washed it. She off to bedroom afterward.

Saturday, July 10th, 11.00 am
In Agasa-hakase's Car Along the Excursion

They were already in the car now. Agasa-Hakase brought those four with them, except Shinichi. He hitchhiked Kogoro's rental car along with Ran.

"The scenery is sugooooi!" Ayumi astonished.

"This is not your first time to go to Gunma prefecture, right?" asked Hakase while driving the car.

"Yeah, but we never stayed in the resort over there," Genta implied.

"There will be an onsen, too, Hakase?" Mitsuhiko asked.

"Of course,"

"Wah... It must be nice," Ayumi said enthusiastically.

They were singing along the trip, meanwhile Haibara just read the novel calmly.

Saturday, July 10th
Ichiroku Resort
Southern Part of Gunma Perfecture, Kanto Region

"Gyah~ the air is so refreshing!" Ran took a deep breath.

"The scenery also awesome!" implied Shinchi.

"Hoah~ Let's go into the resort," Kogoro yawned. He held his luggage and entered the resort.

Agasa-hakase showed the free coupon. Yoshikawa Shizuka-san - the owner of the resort and some servants welcomed them very nicely.

"Irasshaimase! Welcome to the Ichiroku Resort. Enjoy your stay here. If you need something, please let us know," they politely bowed their body to greet the guests.

"Ah - thank you very much," said Agasa-hakase scratching his half bald head.

"Here is your room," Yoshikawa-san gave Hakase the key No. 18. "and this is for the famous Mouri Kogoro-san,"

"A-ha-ha-ha," Kogoro laughed stupidly. "I never thought I'm well-known enough here,"

"Ha-ha. Yeah, you're famous, Occhan," Shinichi half-laughed softly.

"Conan-kun, you're staying with us or with Hakase and the others?" Ran asked to him when they were arriving in front of their room.

"Ah," to be honest, he surely prefer stay with Ran and his uncle, but when he looked at the Detective Boys glaring at him cynically, he withdrew it. "I think I'll stay with them,"

"Okay," Ran smiled.

Shinichi felt so annoyed. He actually too lazy to join such a lame game with them.


They already at the dining room to enjoy the dinner. Ran cooked curry rice for them. Actually the resort provided the cuisine, but they could bring or cooked it themselves. Since Ran already bought some ingredients for making curry, she preferred to cook it. Haibara and Ayumi helped her out, cutting the vegetables and preparing the dishes. Meanwhile the boys just waited hungrily at the dining table.

About an hour, dishes were ready. They smelled delicious. No wonder since Ran was quite good at cooking.


"Oishii!" Genta said.

"Yeah, it's quite delicious," Mitsuhiko and the others implied.

"Good for you, Kudou-kun," Haibara whispered. She sit right beside Shinichi.

"Nani?" Shinichi asked perplexed.

"She's quite good to be a proper wife," she teased.

"Geez," Shinichi hissed but he was little blushing.

Mattaku, it's raining outside,” Ayumi sighed, glaring the outer side of the resort from the foggy window glass.

What should we do?” Genta asked. “Life-Death Challenge have to be canceled,”

Life-Death Challenge?” Shinichi asked curiously.

We were planning to play such a guts trial in the vicinity forest,” Mitsuhiko explained disappointingly.

Guts trial? You meant somewhat hide and seek? In the forest?” Shinichi still didn't get what guts trial were they referring to. He raised his half eyebrows indicating he had no interest at all.

No, Conan-kun. Actually I had a plan to make a preparation, putting a hint that would show you the way to the real treasure,” Agasa-hakase answered.

What? Another treasure hunting? Geez,” Shinichi hissed. He was so grateful to the rain which ruined their foolish plan.

I feel so grateful to the rain so I can bum around in the warm room,” Haibara said softly and relieved.

How about we play Karuta Card?” Genta suggested.

Good idea!” Ayumi agreed.

Let's play, let's play,”

I pass the first round, Guys. Just playing, I'll look for some beverages at the kitchen,” Haibara walked out of the room while the other five start playing.

Can I join, too, Guys?” Ran suddenly came into the room.

Ran-neechan?” Shinichi said surprisingly.

Of course, Ran-neesan,” Ayumi said enthusiastically. “We need more player since Ai-chan doesn't join the first round,”

Where is Occhan?”

Dad is having some sake with Yoshikawa-san's husband,” Ran sighed.

Ha-ha- that person really falls for Sake,” Shinichi said silently.

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