Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Talk

Hello there 

Finally making this post, I'm quite busy lately
*BUSY? What do you mean with 'BUSY'  *
Hold down, hold down. . Actually my activities are nowhere but home, yeah so many things to do at home  . I'm making FanFics, helping out my mom at her food stall, and meditating myself 


Yeah. I'm stressed enough with my current condition. My luck is severely bad. I don't even have a chance to breathe. They always push me, look me down, irritate me, and mock me. Surely those make me want to move out to other city or to the place where they aren't there. They're TERRIBLY EXASPERATING!

So I'm writing to kill my loneliness and annoyances. Well, well, there's no more I want to say, so - BYE!

(Yeah, I'm realized that this post is totally a mess! Sorry, not in the mood for typing

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