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FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 4

(Chapter 4)

Ichiroku Resort
Room No. 25 and 26

They were standing in the front door of Room No. 25. Shinichi was uncertain to knock off or press the bell button. He put his ear on the door wishing he could eavesdrop something but to no avail. It seemed like the room was furnished with some noise reduction agents that prevented any eavesdropper.

I barely could hear they speaking, but I'm sure they are all here,” he pointed at room No. 25.

What should we do then? Kicking the door with your full power magic shoes?”

Stupid!” Shinichi replied sarcastically. “Gyah - It can't be helped, I will enter this room properly,”


He pressed the bell, hoping his action would not disturb them.


GRIT... Someone opened the door.

Ah ~ Cool Kid? What happens all of sudden?” Jodie-sensei asked curiously.

Jodie-sensei, can I ask you something?” he said straightforwardly.

What is that?” Jodie frowned. Her expression was slightly changed. “Oh, I know, I know, you want me teach you the recent games I play?”

A-ha-ha. No, thanks,” he laughed apathetically. “Can I come in?”

Ah ~ Sure! Coincidentally, me and my fellows are playing cards. Would you join too?”

No, I just want to ask something if you don't mind,”

Oh, well, well, douzo,”

Without any hesitation, he came into the room. Just as what he guessed, five FBI were gathered in the room. They did not seem to play cards or something instead of discussing something serious. They bit surprised when he entered the room but they looked like had no objection of letting him join the conversation since they already knew his intelligence ability that always helped them in any occasions.

Say, it's kinda unusual five FBI are gathering in the countryside resort for vacation,” Shinichi said. “Unless they will ambush a dangerous someone,”

Just as what we thought, you really have a sharp mind, Cool Kid,” Jodie sighed.

Is there any of them staying in this resort” Shinichi asked straight to the core.

You've figured it out already,” James approved to what Shinichi asked.

How many? Who are they? What's their intention?” Shinichi asked impatiently. His bad feeling totally came true.

Hold down, Kid,” pleaded Agent Camel.

Shinichi took the deep breath to make his lung breathed properly.

Only one. A woman with code name – Madeira,” Jodie said slowly. “It seems the organization put a trial on her,”

Trial?” Shinichi asked perplexedly.

Yeah, Mizunashi Rena called us when their off the guard. That woman's actual name is Nakazawa Michiru, she is a pharmacist from the renowned Sakurayama Pharmacy. The organization intends to put her as a replacement of the previous missing scientist – Sherry,” Jodie took a breath. “but before that, she has to pass the trial by testing the drugs to a certain victim and observing the effects,” James said.

We're still trying to find out what kind of drugs they are and who will be their victim,” James added. “Unfortunately, Rena-san had no time for telling us about the details. She only said the transaction place is here, Ichiroku Resort,”

Crap! They're already gone too far. I think we should immediately find out their intention and their candidate victim,” Shinichi said emotionally fired up.

Yeah, we gather here to discuss the strategy. I think we need your brain too, Boy,” said James Black.

By the way, how do you know there's a member from that organization here?” Jodie asked curiously.

From this girl's odd stances when I found her in the kitchen after I ran into you all,” Shinichi answered and turned away to Haibara. But she was not there. “Are? Where is she?”

Shinichi rolled his eyes to the whole room.

Haibara was here? You came all alone, Cool Kid,” asked Jodie perplexedly.

Alone?” he startled. “She was with me back then when we were in front of your room,”

Then where is she?” James Black searched to the whole room. “Did she go back to her room?”

Well, I'll check it,” Shinichi said impulsively. “I have a bad feeling of it,”

Well, we're also searching in the vicinity room,”

Shinichi hastily stepped downstairs to go to their room. He convinced himself Haibara would be okay and she was playing Karuta Cards with the others.

Kuso! Don't make a fun of me, Haibara! I really will kill you if I see you in the room now,” he gasped.

Finally he arrived at Room No.18. Without any hesitation, he opened hurriedly.

Conan-kun? What took you so long?” Ran asked anxiously.

We're worrying about you, Conan-kun,” implied Ayumi. “You didn't even bring your phone,”

A-ha-ha- I met Jodie-sensei and we had a talk,” he glared at the room. Only Ran, sleeping Hakase and Kogoro, and three children in the room. Haibara was not there. “Where's Haibara?”

Ara? Isn't she with you, Conan-kun?” Ayumi asked confusedly.

Ah. Crap! Where the hell in the world are you now, Haibara?!” he cursed silently.

Jodie-sensei here?” Ran frowned. “What is she doing?”

Ah – she's spending his holiday with her husband, Agent Camel, you should know him,” he arranged the fake stories.

Sou iueba... Ah! Yeah, I've ever heard about him before,” Ran said. Shinichi was so grateful Ran such a gullible woman. “By the way, where is Ai-chan?”

She hasn't come back at all?” Shinichi asked.

Not yet, I thought you two were together, Conan-kun,” Mitsuhiko said with a gloomy voice. He was obviously anxious.

Let's search for Ai-chan!” Ayumi suggested.

No, no, I can't let you all in danger,” Shinichi said silently.

Ah ~ I remember! While I talked to Jodie-sensei, she went to the kitchen to make some juice. I completely forget leaving her there,” he tried to make some excuses. “Well, I still need some business with Jodie-sensei so I'm going, Ja!

Wait, Conan-kun!” Ran called him when he was ready to leave the room. “Bring your phone, so we know how to call you,”

Ran gave him his phone. “It's been late night, Conan-kun, ask Ai-chan to come back,”

Thanks, Ran-neechan. Will do,”


Somewhere in Ichiroku Resort
Sunday, July 10th, 00.15 am

He is here, he is here, I can feel it...” Haibara gasped. She took a deep breath then exhaled it, inhaled again and exhaled it without a good rhyme. She was totally shivering now.

She was at the back porch of the resort, hiding behind the giant log - frightened. The rain falling and the thunder still rumbling and deafening the human ears. The breeze blew strongly that made the situation even creepier.

About an hour ago when Shinichi was busy pressing the bell button of Jodie-sensei's room, abruptly she felt a strong evil aura approached her. The evilest aura from the member of that black organization that much stronger than the woman she met before. She truly knew the one who possessed that cold-evilest aura was merely Gin. Yeah, Gin, the man from the organization she feared the most.

She literally did not see his presence, only felt it. But his aura was strong enough to suffocate her.

What should I do? What should I do? I can't go back to my room, they will be in danger. I also can't tell Kudou-kun about this,” she was trembling, between frightened and chilliness “Oneechan, what should I do? Will it better for me dying here before they found out about my presence?”

She crossed her hands and gripped her arms tightly. Maybe too tight until they were painful. But her fear was on top of everything so she barely could feel her painful arms.

She had nothing to do but looking at the rain drops. Kept wishing she could die bellow the pouring rain. Yeah, that was much better than dying by gun or some foolish drugs.


Haibara! HAIBARA!” Shinichi shouted. He ran hurriedly throughout the resort.

HAIBARA! WHERE ARE YOU?!” he shouted again. But no one answered. “Please, be safe, Haibara,”

Shinichi ran outside, wishing her was there. “HAIBARA, answer me if you hear!”

That girl did not wear her detective badge so he could not trail her with his tracker glasses. He gasped, still looking for the presence of that stubborn girl. He searched in the whole front porch, but to no avail. Then he went to the back porch wishing her hide somewhere there.

The surroundings were so quiet there, only the sound of the rain and thunder he could clearly heard. He walked carefully, checking the giant log placed in the corner of the porch without any single roof protecting it.

He saw a girl shivering, putting on her head on the knees. It might be Haibara, he was surely sure.

What the hell are you doing here?!” Shinichi scorned and grabbed her arms.

Uncertain, the girl lifted her head. “Ku-Ku-Kudou-kun...”

Her face was totally pale, her whole body was being rained on. She still shivered and cold.

R-run... Y-y-you are i-i-in d-d-danger,” Haibara trembled. “H-h-he i-i-is h-here,”

He? Who do you mean?” Shinichi leaned half of Haibara's trembling body on him. Then he remembered the one that she feared the most. “You meant Gin?”


No, you have to go back to the room to warm yourself. Just hand over this case to FBI,”

N-n-no... He must know where I am and he will find me in no time,” she tried to speak clearly. “and he will kill the people surrounding us “


Shinichi's phone was ringing and vibrating. Mouri Ran – that what's written on the phone display.

Hai,” said Shinichi.

Where are you, Conan-kun? It's been late at night already. Is Ai-chan with you now?” asked Ran anxiously from the phone.

Yeah, she's with me. Don't worry Ran-neechan, we're stayed overnight in Jodie-sensei's room. She asked us to accompany her because Camel-occhan has some business with his fellows at meeting room,”

Taku, at least you told us before, we are worrying you both,” Ran was bit angry but she sounded a relieve. “Take care of Ai-chan, Conan-kun, and you too,”

Hai! I'll hang up the phone, Ran-neechan. Jodie-sensei already asked us to sleep. Please tell the others that we are fine,”

Well, oyasumi, Conan-kun,”

Oyasumi, Ran-nechan,”

He turned his face away to Haibara again. “We should go back to Jodie-sensei's room. I thinks it's safer because five FBI are there,”

N-n-no... H-h-he might already find us b-b-before w-we -,”

Haibara suddenly cut out her words. With her remaining strength, she tried hard to stand up. “H-he is here,”

Haibara grabbed Shinichi's hand and pulled it. She tried to run with her gasping breath and her running-out-strength, going towards the forest which was not really far from the back porch. 

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