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FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 1

Author's Note : Hello, see you again on my second Fan Fiction – The Vacation. I try to involve more characters this time (not literally though, because only few characters added ~_~). Actually this is the sequel of my previous Fan Fiction, Truth or Dare, (not really related though), so I suggest you to read that first before reading this one. But if you're too lazy to read, I'll give the review.

Conan and Detective Boys were playing Truth or Dare at Agasa-hakase's house. But unfortunately, Conan's bad luck forced him to do such challenge, which was kissing Haibara! They really kissed by accident because Genta pushed Conan to her!

This time, there will be no romance between Conan and Haibara, but I tried to make them as main characters though. Please read and give the review, thanks! XD

Disclaimer: I do not own Detective Conan, I only own the plot and the additional characters.

Characters: Edogawa Conan, Haibara Ai, Mouri Ran, Mouri Kogoro, Yoshida Ayumi, Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko, Kojima Genta, Agasa Hiroshi, Jodie Santemillion, James Black, Andrea Camel, Gin.

Additional Characters: Yoshikawa Shizuka (the owner of Ichiroku Resort), Nakazawa Michiru, Masahiro Taro

Summary: Conan, Ran, Kogoro, Agasa-hakase, and the Detective Boys were going for Vacation at Ichiroku Resort in Gunma Prefecture. Conan and Haibara ran into the new member of black organization! Who is the person? What is the intention? Are Conan and Habara in danger? How FBI handles the situation? Just find out and enjoy your reading XD

THE VACATION (Chapter 1)

Mouri Kogoro's Detective Agency
Beika-Cho No. 2
Friday, July 9th




Someone was knocking the door. Shinichi that had been sleeping soundly, suddenly woke up. He looked for his glasses and wore it immediately. Sheepishly, he walked into the door and opened it.

"Ah - Ran-neechan..." he scrubbed his eyes. Ran stood still and smiled.

"Ohayou, Conan-kun," Ran greeted him. "Breakfast is ready,"

"Ohayou, Ran-neechan," he replied with husky voice. "Thanks, I'll change my clothes first,"

Shinichi turned around to change his clothes. Meanwhile Ran closed the door and went away.

"Ah- Conan-kun!" Ran came back and suddenly open the door knob. "Would you company me to buy some vegetables and stuff for tomorrow?"

"Yeah, sure,"

"Well, hurry up and eat your breakfast," Ran said happily, she closed the door and walked downstairs.

Tomorrow, Shinichi along with Ran and Kogoro, also Agasa-hakase and Detective Boys were planning to go on vacation. That lucky hakase won the lottery of free charge for staying in the resort at Gunma Prefecture at Kanto region. Ran, of course, in charged of preparing the food for all of them since she was the only teenager - actually Haibara also a teenager, but due to her child form, she was just regarded as a seven year old girl. Sonoko would not participate, she should attend her family's annual vacation at Karuizawa Island.

Beika Mini Market
Beika-Cho No. 10
Friday, July 9th

Shinichi finished his breakfast. He immediately wore his jacket then accompanied Ran to the nearby mini market

"Nee, Conan-kun, any idea what should I cook for tomorrow?" asked Ran when choosing the good quality carrots.

"Ah - Kare rice maybe?"

"Ah, perfect!" Ran walked to the fresh meat corner to choose a box of fresh meat.

"Ran-neechan, if you don't mind, I'd like to see some snacks and light beverages,"

"Of course," Ran said. She was too busy to respond Shinichi's permission.

Shinichi brought the shopping basket and took some edible snacks and chocolates.

"Ara? Conan-kun?" a voice surprised Shinichi a bit. He saw Ayumi brought full of snacks and bottles of beverages.


"Dou shite, Ayumi-chan?" Mitsuhiko came and asked Ayumi whom she met. "Ah, Conan-kun?"

"Ara, so Meintantei-san also here," said a crafty sarcastic voice from his back. Haibara showed herself along with Genta.

"Ha-ha. You're buying all of these just for tomorrow?" Shinichi saw the amount of snacks and several cup noodles inside the shopping basket.

"Of course," Ayumi replied. "Are you here just by yourself, Conan-kun?"

"Ara? Ayumi-chan and the others?" Ran suddenly came. Looked like she already took the things she would buy in the shopping basket.

"Ran-san, konnichiwa," said Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta simultaneously.

"Sou ka, Conan-kun is coming with Ran-neesan," Ayumi muttered.

"Ah, sou, sou," Conan laughed.

"I'm finished already, still want to look for something, Conan-kun?" asked Ran.

"Ah – iya. It's all enough," Conan said.

"Well, help me bring these to the cashier, please," Ran pleaded.

"Of course," he responded. "And you Guys? Finished already?"

"Hai!" they all replied accordingly.

"Nee, Conan-kun, you also will stay at Hakase's house tonight, right?" Ayumi asked - to convince precisely.

"Ah yeah, as long as you all don't play such foolish game anymore," he abruptly remembered that night when he and his fellow detective boys were playing such a disgusting game called Truth or Dare.

"A-ha-ha you're still traumatic of that incident, Conan-kun?" Ayumi laughed and so did Mitsuhiko and Genta.

Haibara bulged them out with a sullen face. Shinichi had no idea but felt annoyed.

"Ara? What games did you play that made you traumatic?" Ran asked perplexed. She frowned.

"Ah - No, no, just a child's play actually," Shinichi really got annoyed. He cursed Ayumi to what she said.

"Child's play? But you were so angry back then," Genta interrupted.

"Argh, these children are total annoying!" Shinichi cursed quietly.

"Nee, won't you tell me, Conan-kun?" Ran still mystifed. "It's weird. So far I know, nothing could bother you,"

"Ah - iya, nope..." he eluded.

"We also thought about Conan-kun that way until we played Truth or Dare weeks ago and Conan got challenge to kiss-" Ayumi's word cut off because Shinichi suddenly shut Ayumi's mouth with his palm in order to avoid her speaking more about that embarrassing moment.

"Ha-ha-ha don't mind her, Ran-neechan," Shinichi scratch his head with another hand while his right palm still on Ayumi's.

"Ara? Kiss?" Ran surprised. But she surely would be more surprised if she know that Conan was actually Shinichi. "You were kissing, Conan-kun? Whom you had kissed with?"

"AHHH~ NO, Ran-neechan! That was not like you imagine!" Shinichi tried to evade.

Meanwhile the three Detective Boys were laughing away. They loved seeing Conan got so annoyed.

"Well, if you all don't mind, I'm excused. Hakase needs this orange juice promptly," Haibara excused with such plain expression.

"That bastard, she left me in such condition!" Shinichi condemned her silently.

"Hey, don't tell me that was Ai-chan?" Ran tried to guess. Yeah it was kinda obvious for her to figure it out since Haibara walked away immediately when they came to this topic.

"Ha-ha-ha you're not good enough at lying, Conan-kun," Mitsuhiko laughed teasing him.

"HEH? So you two were kissing?" Ran shocked. "Sugoi!"

"RAN-NEECHAN, that was just an accident," Shinichi almost run out of patience.

"Accident at first, but you two seemed to enjoy it," Genta teased him to the corner.

"ARA? Seriously?" Ran expressed between surprised and astonished.

"GENTA! Cut it out!" Shinichi got mad. His face was totally redden. He himself had no idea whether angry or shamed.

"Ha-ha-ha. It was just amazing for the first graders already have their first kiss," Ran said cheerfully. “So, do you like her, Conan-kun?"

"HE~?" Shinichi really shocked with Ran's question. “What the hell in the world I could like her, Ran-neechan?!"

"Conan-kun, Haibara-san is not as bad as you said!" Mitsuhiko protested.

"Ha-ha," Shinichi really really got depressed. He had no idea to elude anymore.

"But girl and boy are kissing when they like each other," Ran muttered.

"Didn't I already say that was just an accident?!" Shinichi tried to convince Ran.

"But Genta-kun said you and Ai-chan enjoyed the moment," Ran still curious.

"Ran-neechan, the truth is my bad luck forced me to do something like that," Shinichi sighed, he really wished this could be over immediately. “We played Truth or Dare, I got a challenge to kiss the last challenger for three minutes if we had different gender. Unfortunately, that was Haibara. They actually would kill us if we broke the rules,"

"Ah, sou ka," Ran murmured indicating she bit understood of the situation.

"Nee, Ran-neesan, at any rate, have Shinichi-nisaan ever kissed you?" Ayumi's question stabbed to the core. Shinichi gulped and so did Ran. Their faces were redden and bit pale.

"Damn, Ayumi! I'm doubting these children are still the first graders," Shinichi cursed quietly.

"Ah - we're not like what you imagined, Guys," Ran blushed, but there was a disappointment tone in her voice that made Shinichi was even guilty.

"Doushite? Aren't Shinichi-niisan and you getting along well?" Genta asked.

"Ah ~ No, no. Even we are childhood friend, but we're still friend actually. So..." Ran clarified.

Shinichi bowed. His heart was pounding unpleasantly when he heard Ran's statement about 'Just friend'. He knew they should be more than that, more than a childhood mate, classmate, friend, or something. Actually he had confessed to Ran after that London case, but implicitly. Their relationship grew a bit, but that was not immediately changing their current status.

"Say, Conan-kun, what's the matter with you? You looked pale suddenly," Mitsuhiko realized about Shinichi's condition.

"Ah- No. Not in particular," Shinichi tried to smile but he showed an uneasiness expression. "Let's go Ran-neechan, doesn't Occhan already wait for us? He must be starving now,"

"Yeah, sure," Ran agreed. "Well, Guys, see ya tomorrow! I'll make delicious food for all of you,"

"Wah... Hontou ni arigatou, Ran-neesan!" said Ayumi excitedly.

"Yoroshiku, sorry for trouble you, Ran-san," Mitsuhiko bowed his body.

"We'll be pleasured!" Genta implied enthusiastically.

"Ja, mata ashita!" Ran waved her hand.

"See ya, Guys, tonight," Shinichi excused while the other three also waved their hands.

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