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FanFiction - The Vacation - Chapter 5

(Chapter 5)

Ichiroku Resort - Room No. 18
Sunday, July 10th, 01.30 am

Ran and the three children lied on the futon after finishing their hours playing. Genta slept already, but Ran, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and the sleeping Agasa-hakase awoke. Meanwhile Kogoro was sleeping in the room next door, he was drunk.

Ran-neesan, you haven't slept yet?” Ayumi asked.

Ran bit surprised, something worrying her. “Eh ~ you also haven't sleep Ayumi-chan?”

I wonder why Conan-kun and Ai-chan don't come back,” Ayumi worriedly said.

Ayumi-chan, daijoubu... They are fine, they just sleep overnight at Jodie-sensei's,”

But it's weird,” Mitsuhiko implied. “Conan-kun and Ai-chan didn't tell us about this before,”

Yeah, but they just ran into Jodie-sensei last night. Maybe they didn't have a plan before,” Ran tried to hide her worries. “Well, let's sleep, Conan-kun and Ai-chan must be sleeping as well,”

I just worry... Do you remember when Conan-kun suddenly came into the room and looked for Haibara-san in panic?” Mitsuhiko asked.

Yeah – he shouldn't that panic if they were really in a good situation,” Ayumi replied.

Ran silenced. She never saw Conan that panic unless he involved with a certain case. “Hey, Guys, you are thinking too much. Don't worry, they are still in this resort and tomorrow you can meet them again,”

Ayumi sighed. “Sometimes... sometimes I think Conan-kun often hyper-worries about Ai-chan's condition,”

Eh ~ you envy her, Ayumi-chan?” Ran smiled.

Ah – no, no, but...” Ayumi bowed with her gloomy face.

Yeah, I also think the same. They always speak in a low voice that only they both could understand. I just felt they hide something from us, something they won't us to know,”

Ah ~ you mean they have some sort of special relationship?” Ran concluded.

Ah yeah, some kinda like that,” Mitsuhiko depressingly said.

They used to fight each other but they likely know each other very well,” Ayumi added. Tone of jealousy heard. “I always think Conan-kun likes Ran-neesan, but...”

Conan-kun and Haibara look good together,” Mitsuhiko sadly said.

Ran laughed a little. She surprised such first graders already came up with that kind of thing. “Well, well, Guys, I don't think the first graders already have already have a special relationship. So don't worry, maybe they just care for each other, same thing goes to you too right, Ayumi-chan and Mitsuhiko-kun? You both also care for Conan-kun and Ai-chan,”

Well, you can say that...” Mitsuhiko muttered. “Yeah, because we all best friends!”

Yeah, of course!” Ayumi's eyes suddenly glittered.

Ha-ha-ha,” Agasa-hakase who had been quiet before, laughed.

Hakase, you should sleep too,” Ran said to Agasa-hakase that had been quiet before.

Ah – of course,” Hakase scratched his bald head.

Shinichi, Ai-kun... Are you really alright? I have a bad feeling of you both,” Hakase murmured silently.

Gunma Forest
About 1,5 miles away from Ichiroku Resort

After about 1,5 miles away from the resort, they suddenly stopped at the riverside in the forest because Haibara seemed to run out of her strength. Gasping, she tried hard to breathe in.

What happens with you all of sudden?!” Shinichi exasperated but he could feel Haibara's cold shivering hand.

He was there, I could feel his presence,” her voice was terribly low. “I didn't come up with any other way but escaping to the fo-,”

BRUK. She was tumbling down. Shinchi immediately caught her before she really fell to the ground. She breathed fast and her face was dreadfully pale.

Haibara, Oy!” he shook Haibara's body worriedly. “hold on, hold on!”

he took his hand on her forehead, the temperature was so high. She had a terrible fever.

D-d-don't mind me, w-w-we h-h-have t-to r-r-run,” she was still conscious a little.

How stubborn,” he was peevish. “I'll piggy-back you,”

Shinichi took off his jacket and wore it to her. He also covered her hair with its hood. Then he helped the half-conscious Haibara to ride on his back.


The gun shot. Not really far from their current position.


Another gun shot.

Haibara grasped Shinichi's back tightly. She shivered even more.
Crap! What the hell in the world happen? Who's shooting the gun? Is it FBI or that Madeira woman? Or... Gin?” he said silently. He tried to be calm even he was impatient to jump into the location.


Haibara shivered again, grasping more tightly.

Daijoubu, Haibara, I'll protect you at any cost,”

She felt little relieved after hearing Shinichi's last words. The only thing she could do now was believing in him, again.


Shinichi brought Haibara on his back. He would like to stay closer to the location where the gun was shot. But suddenly...


He collided someone.

Ah – I'm sorry... Are you alright, Kid?” the woman who collided him apologizing.

Shinichi was difficult to see clearly the woman because the only light in this dark forest came from the fireflies. Before he could say anything, Haibara grasped him tighter.

Massaka, don't tell me she is...” Shinichi whispered himself.

Ah – yeah, I'm alright,” Shinichi said with his spoiled-kid-dialect. “What are you doing in the forest this time, Oneechan?”

Ah ~ I'm playing a guts trial with my fellows, but I likely lost my way,” she said gently.

This woman had no evil aura even a little. Her voice was gently soft and warmth. To think she was a member of the organization was questionable. Maybe she was just an angel who plunged into the hell.

Sou ka,” he answered shortly. Of course he knew that she was lying.

And what are you doing, Kid? Are you playing guts trial too? How dangerous for children playing such a game in the forest this late,”

A-ha-ha. Yeah, we are playing treasure hunting. Actually my uncle also here, but we were apart hour ago,”

So you lost your way too?” she asked and glared at the woman in the hood who piggy back him. “Ara- isn't she the girl whom I met at the kitchen before?

Ah, is that so, Oneechan?” Shinichi tried to evade.

Haibara shivered again. She closed her eyes, hiding her head behind Shinichi's shoulder.

Yeah, we met before,” she came near Haibara that made her startled even more. “Are you feeling not well, little girl?”

Yeah, she has a high fever, so I brought her on my back,” he explained. What should he do? Ran away or kept fooling around with this dangerous woman?


The gun suddenly shot again but it sounded closer. Finally he knew that this Madeira woman was on the run, and those guns shot by FBI.

Ah, Kid, I think I should go, “ her face changed into fear slightly. “You have to nurse her immediately or else she'll be worsened,”

He should do something to prevent her going. When she turned his back, he leaned Haibara on the tree trunk then immediately pressed his Anywhere-Ball-Inflammation-Belt then kicked it on purpose.


The ball precisely hit the woman's foot which made her lost her balance then fell to the ground. He hurriedly pressed the number button on the phone and called Jodie-sensei before the woman noticed him.

Jodie-sensei, she is here, on the riverside where the fireflies glow the brightest,” he whispered very softly and quickly then hung it up. He walked to Madeira to make an excuse as if the ball hit her indeliberately.

Ah, hontou ni gomennasai, Oneechan, I slipped away when kicking the ball so it hit you back then,”

The woman shocked, she grit her teeth, uncertainly believed that he was lying.

Did you do it on purpose?” she asked curiously. “Yappari, just as what I thought, you're not an ordinary child, Kid,”

Shinichi turned his back and ran to Haibara, convincing that Madeira would not lay her finger on Haibara.

Then I bet this girl isn't an ordinary girl, too, since she showed her odd attitudes everytime we met,” she came near them. Her right hand was on the pocket. Shinichi sure it might be a pistol.

Shinichi blocked her way to Haibara.

I'm curious enough about this girl. Can I see your face a little, a shy girl?” she tried to reach Haibara's head to lift her head but Shinichi prevented her. She only succeeded to uncover the hood and startled a bit.

Don't lay your dirty finger on her, Nakazawa Michiru-san – the master pharmacist from the renowned Sakurayama Pharmacy who currently a member of dangerous organization with a code name – Madeira, ” he threatened her sharply.

Oh – you seem to know a lot about me,” she surprised. “Well, well, I won't touch her. She looks like an important person to you,”

I don't think I can let both of you live,” Madeira continued and took the pistol from her pocket then put it straight on Shinichi's forehead. “I'll kill you first, Kid, so you don't have to see your lovely girl friend get shot, but before that I'd like to make sure about this girl,”

Shinichi strengthen his guard on Haibara even he himself was in danger. The woman glared at him with a cold eyes – it's totally different from the gentle eyes she possessed minutes ago.

This girl resembles my predecessor, the missing scientist who has a reddish-brown waved hair, or rather they used to call her – Sherry,”

Shinichi was aghast but he tried to hide his expression.

But to think human could shrunken is beyond the logic,” she said coldly. “Or maybe she is an exception – good news for Gin if that so,”

Shinichi grit his teeth. Madeira moved the pistol closer to him and ready to pull the trigger.

Crap! I think I shall use the inflammation belt again,” he pressed the button on his belt but-

Madeira already put her left hand on the belt. “No use, Kid, I won't fall for the same trap,”

Kuso! What should I do? We both will be killed this way,” Shinichi tried hard to come up with some ideas. He leered at Haibara who was behind him, she was unconscious. Sweats dampened his shirt.

Hold down, hold down,” he tried to calm himself.

PSIUUUWWW. A silencer gun was shot and at the same time the woman screamed.

The pistol she hold fell to the ground. She moaned while holding her left leg.

I beg you to surrender, Nakazawa Michiru-san or rather we should call you – Madeira,” Jodie-sensei and the four FBI came. Agent Camel and one of two FBI member whom Shinichi did not know the name ambushed her.

Get into the car, Conan-kun,” Jodie-sensei commanded. “John, bring that unconscious little girl along and drive them to the resort,”

Roger!” One of two unfamiliar FBI named John – as Jodie mentioned before – brought Haibara and asked Shinichi to go along with them. Although he would like to object at first, but finally he complied and handed over the case to FBI.

What do you want? Under-arrest me?” Madeira sneered.

No, we – FBI – works in Japan illegally. We don't have legality permission from Japan Police so we can't under arrest you,” James said.

But a dangerous person like you can't be set free,” Jodie implied. “We only have one request, bring us to your boss or – we must kill you forcefully,”

Ha-ha,” she laughed. “You, Guys, underestimate me. Even I'm just a new member, I'm more faithful than my predecessor,”

I will never betray them,” she continued.

Agent Camel and Clay Hudson – one of the unfamiliar agent grasped her more tightly. They ready with their guns. Madeira's pistol had been secured, she unarmed now.

You can't run away, Madeira,” James also menaced his gun on her.

She tried to move, but the two FBI were stronger than her. She reached the gun which was held by Clay and pull the trigger.


She shot herself on her temple and fell down immediately with bloods flowed from her head. Died.

Damn! She committed suicide!” Jodie cried.

What should we do? Bringing her along or just leaving?” Clay asked perplexedly.

Suddenly the sound of car engine heard. A soft engine from the classic car. Porsche 356 A came. A silver long haired man came out from the car and said coldly, “Leave her with us,”

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