Sunday, May 08, 2011

HI, BI, and PI Lesson

Tna: Phew~ That was a lot for HI lesson. No, not just HI, but also BI, PI, HYA, HYU, HYO, BYA, BYU, BYO, PYA, PYU, PYO... . I'm dying 

Kaoko: You bet! I thought it would never end 

Tna: Yeah 

Hinata: Ano...

Kaoko: Ara? Who are you again? 

Hinata: Watashi wa Hyuuga Hinata desu.

Tna: Aha~ perfect person for today!

Kaoko: Yeah! Today's lesson begins with 'HI' so you may fit that perfectly.

Hinata: Ano...dou iu koto?

Tna: 'Dou iu koto' don't know why are you here?

Hinata: Ah~ hai. Kakashi-sensei gave me a mission to meet Tna-san and Kaoko-san at Japanese Classroom. Sore wa ijou... (That's all...)

Kaoko: Aa - sou. Hinata-chan, could you help us teaching the 'HI' lesson? Since your name begins with 'HI' so-

Hinata: Teaching? Oh, well. What kind of subject should I teach?

Tna: Umm...anything, since it has something to do with our lesson.

Hinata was thinking for couple of minutes until Kaoko broke the silence.

Kaoko: Can we start it off now, Hinata-chan?

Hinata: Oh, hai. Konnichiwa, minna! I'm Hyuuga Hinata.

She wrote something on board.

日向(ひゅう が) ヒナタ

Hinata: Hyuu from 'Sun' kanji and 'ga' from 'Mukai (way)' kanji. Actually my name is written on Katakana, but I could also write it in Hiragana, so it becomes...

ヒ ナ タ -> ひ な た

Kaoko: Good job, Hinata-chan! Anything else?

Hinata: Ano...since I am a ninja, I'll teach them my jutsu, but don't worry, it's still related to the lesson. May I?

Tna: Sure!

Hinata activated her eye technique which is only possessed by Hyuuga Clan.

Hinata: Minna-san! This eye technique is called BYAKUGAN (白眼 -> びゃくがん). Literally meaning 'White Eye' because the kanji is taken from '白 (Shiro -> white)'  and '眼 (Me -> eye)'

She wrote them down in a board.

Hinata: This is a special doujutsu (eye technique) which have some abilities. First, Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck. Second, it's able to see through solid objects and can use a degree of telescopic sight. But the greatest ability of Byakugan, it's able to see chakra (energy), chakra flow as well as chakra circulation system inside the body with great detail. But, only those from Hyuuga Clan could possess this jutsu.

All students in classroom listened to her very carefully until someone raised his hands and asked,

Student: Hinata-senpai, could you show us how Byakugan will work when facing another Byakugan user?

Hinata: Ah- hai, chotto. I'll call out Neji-niisan, also from Hyuuga Clan. Then we'll show you when Byakugan meets Byakugan. Chotto matte kudasai~

Hinata was ready to walk out from the class. But when she opened the door knob...


Naruto suddenly came and hang on upside down which made Hinata was totally shocked. Her face suddenly reddened.

Hinata: Na-Na-Naruto-kun....?

Not too long after she said that, she immediately fell of the ground. Fainted.

Tna, Kaoko: Hinata-chan?!

They shook her body, but it seemed she was really fainted.

Tna, Kaoko: N-A-R-U-T-O K-U-N!!! 

Naruto: Dame dame dame! Warukattattebayo~~!

That yellow-haired guy hurriedly ran away, leaving the fainted Hinata and the angry sensei.

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  1. Wohahaha! Better than I thought it would! :D
    Amzaing! But we shall just call her 'Hyuuga-san', since it is much cooler! How is it? :D