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Best Regard For You, Mr. David Archuleta!

July 16, 2011

Without a perfect condition due to bad cough and cold, also regretfully leaving the Nisfu Sya'ban Night, I went to Pond's Teen Concert held in Lapangan D Senayan, Jakarta, Indonesia on July 16, 2011 just to see my loveliest idol, David James Archuleta or popularly known as David Archuleta. Who is David Archuleta?

He was actually a finalist of seventh season of American Idol, but unluckily he was defeated by David Cook who finally became a winner. He was born on December 28, 1990 (everyone must think that he was 12 years old because his baby face lol), in Miami, Florida from the couple of Jeff Archuleta and Lupie Marie Mayorga. He has four siblings. Okay, I will not write about his life story wholly but I will do it someday, on the later post.

So the concert was about to start at 5 p.m (UTC + 7), which I really thought the gate would open around that time but indeed no, it had been opened two hours before, haha. Me and my friend, Fanny, went there by public transportation, Trans Jakarta Bus - or rather we called it 'Busway'.

Soon as we arrived, the hard rain fell down. It was kinda surprising while Jakarta was in the dry season for almost a couple of weeks. The bad effects of that, the ground was annoyingly wet and not comfortable to walk on (the show was held outdoor, on a grass field, so it felt like we stepped on the water wallow - er, no, mudhole for exact).

The show had begun indeed. When we came, the Indonesian boyband which was imitated Korean boyband too much, SM*SH was on the stage. Seriously that was my very first time seeing their performance from the very beginning until the end and LIVE! And I couldn't stop wondering why they had so many teenagers fans. They sang "You Know Me So Well" that made me had no choice but to laugh. I perplexed to see some teens - I mean many - began to sing along with them and followed their moves. Well, well, enough for SM*SH, because I don't want to make a fun of them anymore. *regrets*

After their performance, the hosts said they would be break for a while because "adzan maghrib" (adzan= a summon for moslems to indicate us that the pray time has come; maghrib= a pray after the sunset). We looked for praying place, such mushalla, mosque, etc., on the first place. About 7 p.m, we came back to the field and searched the proper place to enjoy the show. That time, Indonesian singer, Afgan, was singing. But what I waited from the show was only the performance of David Archuleta, I didn't care about other local singers. Unfortunately, they put Archuleta in the end of the concert which was in the middle of the night. *No doubt, it's their strategy to avoid the guests left the show earlier*

Afgan was done. Nidji, another Indonesian band, performed, followed by The Changcuters and J-Rock. Okay, as for J-Rock, I enjoyed their performance because I was kind of liking them. They sang and played the music instruments very COOL! Especially the singer.

10.30 p.m. J-Rock finished their performance. Nah, finally we came to the moment which we'd been waiting for 5 hours -> DAVID ARCHULETA PERFORMED!

He brought along his band (consisted of guitarist, keyboardist, and drummer). The fans, including me, started yelling out loud the time he entered the stage! I unbelievably saw my loveliest idol directly, LIVE, right in front of my eyes without any barriers from TV screen!

David wore white T-shirt and pink-reddish plaid shirt! He was incredibly HANDSOME!

David Archuleta on PTC 2011, Jakarta, Indonesia

After short greeting, "Hello Jakarta!", he sang 'Stomping the Roses', taken from his second album (it's actually his third album, but the second one was religious album and not world-widely introduced), The Other Side of Down (TOSOD). I eagerly sang along with him (and the other fans of course) because I pretty knew that song! Muahaha. I'm sorry I can't upload my own video nor the photos due to my broken phone :(
"Did you feel like stomping the roses? Smashing out of the feeling inside of them..."
He sang energetically. Running on the stage mercurially as if he had thousand percents of energy. However, that didn't disturb his voice at all! He sang SUPERBLY, MAGNIFICENTLY, AWESOMELY, INCREDIBLY good! His voice was much more beautiful than the recorded songs that I used to hear (his recorded songs themselves are outstanding lol).

The second song was 'The Other Side of Down', his second cover album song. Actually many of the fans did not really know the song from his second album, but as a true fan of him, I knew all his songs! Hahaha! *oh I apologize for my conceits*

"So I put one foot front of others, no no nothing's gonna break my stride... I keep climbing, gonna keep fighting until I make it to the other side of down..."

Still he sang amazingly. I really love that song, the meaning deeply touched my heart first time I heard it year ago.

Next song was one of the awaited song from all fans, 'A Little Too Not Over You'. Me personally really like the song. It reminds me of... someone in my past. Okay, okay, let's back to the topic. So yeah, David never failed to excite his fans. He sang and danced (not danced literally, but prone to pranced).

"Tell me why so hard to forget? Don't remind me, I'm not over it... tell me why? I can't seem to face the truth, I'm just a little too not over you..."

Oh please stop that song or I will cry a river. Anyways, he spoke very little between the song but he always smiled and laughed. His humbleness made us love him just the way he is! I truly know why he barely spoke to the fans (just like other singers did on their concerts), he is such a shy human being. Once he stated himself, at school he was a taciturn student. He rarely talked to his friends, not to be conceited or whatever, but just because he was very shy. He preferred to smile or laugh. *another thing that makes me falling for him!*

Done with 'A Little Too Not Over You', he sang his pretty new song, 'Love Don't Hate', taken from the special Asian tour edition album. Just so you know, he specially made that album for us, his fans in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia. Yeah, he was planned to visit those country during the Asia tour. We're sort of lucky because we, Indonesians, were the first fans who heard him singing his new songs. No wonder, Indonesia was his first destination though.

The next turn was recycle song from Tears For Fears, 'Everybody Wants to Rule the World'. That was the first time for me listening to it, so I barely knew the lyrics lol. But I didn't have to worry because many of us didn't know the song as well.

'Something 'bout Love', his first single from the TOSOD album, enlivened the show. David still sang cheerfully and eagerly.
"Something 'bout love that breaks your heart oh oh oh it sets you free... something 'bout love that tears you down oh oh oh..."
'Touch My Hand' from his first self-titled album, David Archuleta, then handled the show.
"Saw you from the distance, saw you from the stage... something bout the look in your eyes, something bout your beautiful face..."
He almost sang continually, without any single break. As I said before, he didn't talk too much during the show instead of smiling and laughing. Finished with 'Touch My Hand', he was ready with the keyboard. Aha! I figured out that he would sing my favorite song ever, My Kind of Perfect.

My guess was perfectly right. He sang that song very nicely and touchy while playing the keyboard.

"Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, maybe I just let you walk by... what can I say? Maybe I've known you all my life..."

Look! He sweated too much! But still cute either way!

The next song was mashed up of 'Gotta Get Thru This' and 'Message in the Bottle' with band intro. It's one of his new song. He introduced well his band member one by one. This is: (thanks to Nich1888 who uploaded with HQ video camera even the angle was not too good sometimes):

One thing you should know, he was sweaty too much! He said the Jakarta's weather was so hot, not to mention his energetic moves during the show. I saw him wiped the sweats so often and he always drank mineral water everytime he began to sing the song. However he still sang wholeheartedly, ignoring how tired he was.

'My Hands' took over the show. The song which was taken from his first album attracted his fans to sing along with him. That's one of my favorite song of him!
"But it's harder to hold on to your hands than the hands of time I need a hand..."

After rocking the show with 'My Hands', he then performed Paul Cartney's song, "Black Bird". I didn't know the song so I just saw him singing.

'Falling Stars' then taken over. Again, he sang very greatly that melted our heart.
"Like falling stars over your head, they've been bound to burn out, burn out..."
The next song was 'Works For Me', not taken from the first album nor the second one. But I was pretty familiar with the song (of course, I have heard it for many times before).

Again with the new song in the TOSOD special Asia tour edition album, David sang another great song 'Everything and More',

"Like a satellite we're flying, overhead where we see it all... nothing can touch us, we're everything and more..."
He then heated the show with 'Elevator', taken from the album of TOSOD.
"It's an endless ride, sometimes it takes you up sometimes it tears you down inside... but if the butterflies keep on feeling so alive so alive, I'm gonna get back that high..."
After prancing with Elevator, he asked us to sing along with him in 'Zero Gravity'. It was not included neither in the first album nor TOSOD.
"Nothing brings me down, when you around... it's like zero gravity..."
Right after singing that song, he suddenly ended the show by leaving the stage along with the band which made us unbelievably believed that the show had over while he hadn't sung yet his biggest hits 'Crush'. We yelled, "We want more, we want more" for many times. Some of us had left, but the rest including me stood still. I was almost sure that the show had not ended yet.

About minutes later, the helper prepared the keyboard and dragged it to the center of the stage. We yelled excitedly when David entered the stage. He showed off his super cute smile and started to played the keyboard. The tune sounded familiar, ah that's 'A Thousan Miles'!

"If I could fall into the sky... do you think time would pass me by? Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles... if I could just see you tonight..."
Oh man, his played the keyboard pretty awesome! Perfect! Flawless!

Then... what we'd been waiting for song long, he finally sang 'Crush'! Who didn't know the song? Of course none of us! It's the biggest hits from him! The first single taken from his first self-titled album.
"Why do I keep running from the truth? All I ever think about is you... you've got me hypnotized so mesmerized and I just got to know..."
Soon as he ended singing, the beautiful fireworks bursting in air! Magnificent yet saddened because that meant the show had ended. He closed his incredible performance. Before leaving the stage, he received the gifts from fans (sadly I forgot to bring something to give). One of them gave him 'blangkon', a traditional cap originated from Java ethnic, Indonesia, worn by Javanese men. He wore it immediately and surely he looked so CUTE!

David (right) with Indonesan soloist singer, Afgan
(credit: @afgansyah_reza Twitter)

Oh the image quality is poor that makes David looks so creepy. But believe me, if you saw him directly, he was superbly handsomely cute!

About 12:00 a.m on the next day, the show ended. So many magnificent fireworks bursting in the sky. REALLY BEAUTIFUL! (Blame my stupidity for not capturing nor recording any photo or video of it). But I will upload it once I find the HQ picture. 

Well, so far the concert was REALLY SPLENDID! Pond's Teens Concert was in a big success! David Archuleta also performed his best!

Unbelievable, unbelievable! I still can't believe that finally I saw him, directly!

First time I started to adore him when watching his performance in American Idol 7th season. That time the competition still in the big fifty. Actually I never watched American Idol before until I indeliberately came a visit to my friend's room, Jotay. She was watching TV, then I saw a young boy with an awesome smile waving his hand excitedly. I immediately asked her,
"Who is he?"
"Oh his name's David Archuleta. He once lost his voice, but he finally regained by taking the risk surgey,"
"Wow... I like him!"

I suddenly fell for him just by seeing his face once (he was not as handsome as now though). Maybe that's what people called 'Love at the first sight', lol. Yeah, I started to adore him since then and fully supported him during the competition. I was surely sure he would not leave the competition with empty hand because I could see his great talent inside him. And my guess was right, he ended at the second place and he became famous and famous 'till now. His humbleness made me greatly in love with him. Who had thought that finally I could see him right before my two eyes? Even myself could hardly believe that! I wish he will come again to Indonesia for his solo concert!

Credits: Nich188's Youtube ChannelAll Things Archie, KapanLagi, and some unmentioned sources. Thank you so much!

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