Friday, June 18, 2010

And They Are My Precious...


As what I wrote on my blog name, "Life is A Riddle...,"
Life is a riddle, life's about to choose which the best for us. Not only for someone, but everyone, everything.
Life's about the ups and downs. Once we stay high above and fall down deep.

My life is amazing cause I have them, my precious. My parents, family, and my best friends.

So, now I will introduce my precious person in my life.

1. My Mom and Dad
    yeah, I could just my Mom's photo. My dad has passed away, 10 years ago. Love you, always :*

2. My Family
    contains of my older sister, my lovely niece and nephew, and others.

3. My Best Friends
    I have several best friends. They are from my elementary, junior, senior high school and my campus. Later I'll tell you about them, especially for my merciless friend, Jotay, and the others.


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