Sunday, April 03, 2011

'NO' characters!

Let's introduce our guest on today's lesson, here is NOBITA NOBI

Nobita: Ah, uh, こんにちは (Hello)!I'm Nobita Nobi (のび太野比), yoroshiku onegaishimasu (nice to meet you) ! 

Tna: Ara? Nobita-kun ka? Why are you here? 

Nobita : Doraemon told me to go here. I don't know what's going on actually, but he said Shizuka-chan is here! Where's she? Where's she? 

Tna: Shizuka-chan?  

Nobita: Yeah, but why I don't see her??? Ano yarou, he must be deceiving me! 

Tna: Oi, Nobita-kun, listen to me! I think there are some misunderstandings . I asked Doraemon to help us teaching today's lesson with some tools from his yōjigen-pocket (fourth dimensional pocket). But why did he send you here instead? 

Nobita: Doraemon? Teaching? He sent me? .... That means I replace him as a lecturer?  NOOOOO~ !!

*Nobita's ready to run away, but Kaoko blocked his way*

Kaoko: Shikata ga nai yo (it can't be helped). Since you are here already, you should do something!

Nobita: Me? Noooooo~ 

Kaoko: Hey, Nobita-kun, since your name is begin with ’の’, maybe you can do something , ne Tna-chan?

Tna: Yeah, sure . Well, Nobita-kun, please write your name on the board.

Nobita: Ano...

Kaoko: Ara? Doushita no (what's the matter), Nobita-kun?

Tna: You know how to write your name, right? 

Nobita: Eto... Ahahaha, yes sure! *cold sweat*

*Nobita walked to the board and tried to write down his name*

のび太 (びた) 野比 (び)

Kaoko: Good. Now please write down ten things begun with ’の’.

Nobita: Na-na-na-nani??!! (What?!) 

Tna: What's wrong? 

Nobita: Ah~ Ahehe iya (nope)... But mind if I go to the toilet first? *scratching head*

Tna: How's Kaoko-chan?

Kaoko: Well, don't take too long!

Nobita: Arigatou~

Nobita immediately stepped out the classroom and he ran away to the opposite direction of toilet.

Tna: Ano yarou! Nigeta wa yo aitsu! ~ (He ran away~)

Kaoko: Mattaku . Maa, I think we should continue our lesson without them...

Tna: Sou ne 


  1. Hhahahaha. Nice one, Tna-chan... it's not cheesy at all! I love it! Especially with all those onions xD

    You also kept the character right on the body. Very nice!

    I shall keep making these witty stories to you, haha!
    Next lesson would be 'HA'. Who should we invite I wonder xD
    I've got a girl in mind, and her name is 'Haru'. A character from Katekyo Hitman Reborn :D

  2. Thaaaanks so much, Kaoko <3

    Katekyo Human Reborn... I never watch it, hehe. But douzo, that must be great since your writing skill is awesome ^^